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Door decor: popular and original ways (22 photos)


The interior of the room should be all beautiful. If some part does not fit into the general idea, then the design may be spoiled. That is why you should not be deprived of attention doors, because they are also an important element in the interior. If their appearance is unsightly or does not meet the basic concept, then you can use the decor.



Doors in an apartment or house perform two main functions. The first function is to separate adjacent rooms. The second function carries in itself a decorative role, with its help the general entourage is set. From the external state of the door depends on the overall plan of the room. If you want to refresh the situation in the house, then it is absolutely unnecessary to organize a global repair, it is enough to replace or decorate the old door.

You can improve or transform the appearance of the door with your own hands using various methods. There are ways that require the investment of considerable labor and time costs, and there are methods that will help transform the space in a short time. Consider the most popular options for decorating the door.

Using ordinary paint to decorate the door

In order to make the door as close as possible to the design idea, it is possible to make decorative coloring. It is extremely important that the paintwork material matches the overall color of the furniture, walls, curtains, etc. Picking a picture is best done in advance. Combinations of several colors look very impressive. Paint can be applied in various ways. You can use a brush, sponge, roller, etc.

Apply a pattern of varying complexity can be using a stencil for decoration. At the same time, the skills of the artist are not necessary. Selectable colors should match the overall color of the room.

The technology of decoration is carried out in several layers. Each layer is applied after the other has dried. If you do not like messing with paint, it will be enough to paint the molding in a contrasting color. This decor interior doors do not take much time.




Decorating doors with glass

If you have a door in a room with transparent glass, then changing it to a new matte finish, you can give the room a special comfort. Glass can be made opaque easily and quickly by applying a mixture of liquid glass and melted chalk to it. To carry out this work, the door must be removed from the hinges. Glass before applying the mixture must be cleaned of grease and stains.

Door decor using wood mosaic

It is attached to carpenter's glue. With the help of wood on the surface of the door you can make an intricate pattern. If the drawing is complicated, then a lot of effort will be required. To complete the mosaic, the door must be removed from the hinges, put a drawing using tracing paper, cut wooden elements with a jigsaw and fix them. After gluing, the pattern will need to be held under load for maximum grip. Then the drawing is processed by fine-grained sandpaper.



Wallpaper decoration

This is the most popular and economical way to decor. Cloth wallpaper will need to soak with special glue. It is mounted on a surface that is free from dirt. It is necessary to smooth the canvas to the center and around the edges. Look very impressive on the door leaf wallpaper. You can also use liquid wallpaper.

The decor is in power "decoupage"

This type of design looks stylish and elegant. From a variety of images formed a single image. If desired, individual areas can tint or trim. On drawing upon completion of work the paint and varnish covering is put.

Use of stained glass painting

High-quality stained glass painting will help to effectively and dramatically transform the space. This finishing option is quite difficult, but you can easily perform it if you know the nuances. The painting is applied using special stained glass paints.



Decorating using textiles

The choice of fabrics differs in a wide variety. If the material is loose, then its edges must be processed. High quality glue is required. With the help of fabric, you can decorate in the popular patchwork technique. The door in this case is glued from small pieces of fabric. At the border will need to fix the flat molding.

Decor using old geographical maps or posters

The principle of working with this technique is the same as with wallpaper.



Decor with stickers

If you have little time left, or you are looking for the easiest and most affordable way, then do-it-yourself door decoration using vinyl stickers is an excellent solution. There are many ideas of such decor. Stickers are of high quality and will last a long time.

Original ways to decorate the front door

Sometimes the front door looks unattractive and there is a desire to transform it. In this matter, you can express your imagination. The main thing is not to forget about the sense of proportion. Although under certain conditions pretentiousness also looks stylish. You can decorate the old door with your own hands.

Doorways without a door have many advantages. They help to visually increase the space, improve the ventilation in hanging and make the operation of an apartment or house more convenient. Doorways without a door are often used to connect the balcony to the living room.

The design of the doorway of this type can be done in various ways. Widely used plastic panel. It can imitate various other materials - wood, decorative stone, metal, etc. Stone panels look elegant and noble, and wood fill the space with warmth and comfort.