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Billiard room in the house: free time zone (21 photos)


Own billiard room - the dream of many. Yes, there is no possibility to equip such a room in an apartment, but to find a suitable pool table for a house is quite affordable. Owners of their own game room with a pool table always seem to be of a higher status, because such a refinement is only among the elect.

The billiard room in the house should be placed in the correct room. If the project of the house is only being drafted, this greatly simplifies the process, because then you can immediately design a room of the right size, in the right part of the house with the necessary lighting. Only after observing all these nuances, you can think through the interior of the game room.



Of course, initially you should choose a space of sufficient size. Much will depend on the size of the table, but the calculation should also include the free space for the movement of people, the space for cue movements. In addition, surely the billiard room in the house will have furniture, and perhaps someone will want to combine the playroom with the library or install some other entertainment. All these factors will play a crucial role in the selection of free space.



Dimensions of billiard tables only range from 1.8 m to 0.9 m to 3.6 m to 1.8 m. Table dimensions are selected based on the type of game. Professional players train on billiard tables with parameters of 3.6 m by 1.8 m. The desirable distance of the table from the wall is 1.8 m.

Even when choosing the smallest table, you need a room with parameters not less than 5 m by 4.1 m. It is much easier to select the basement, which is ideal.

Space there will definitely be enough, and it is easier to take into account all the nuances of lighting. And there will be no difficulties with the noise, because the sounds from the game are quite loud and can annoy other households.



Light features

Illumination of the billiard room should be built correctly. Lack of windows will be only an advantage! Ideal lighting in the billiard room should:

  • Fall solely on the table to eliminate unwanted shadows;
  • To be bright enough not to get tired eyes, but not to dazzle with its brightness;
  • Be slightly above eye level;
  • Do not distract by other light sources.

Ideal fit hinged elongated chandeliers for several lamps. Fluorescent lamps are not used to illuminate the billiard table or special nozzles are worn on them to make the light diffused. The length of the chandelier should be slightly shorter than the length of the table and be hung exactly on its middle. The height of the chandelier should not be less than 80 cm, but not be higher than 1 meter. Other sources of lighting in the room should not distract attention with bright light or rich colors.

A billiard room in a private house can also be located in a room with panoramic windows. In this case, it is desirable to place the playroom in the corner room so that the light falls from the two walls. But it is impossible to forget about artificial lighting anyway. Recommendations are followed, as well as for a billiard room in the basement.



In rooms with ordinary windows it is worth solving the issue of overlapping lights. It will be necessary to take care of very dense blackout curtains. It does not have to be drapery. Roller shutters made of dense material that does not let in daylight are suitable.



Selection of finishing materials

The interior of the billiard room should be thought out in view of the use of suitable finishing materials. They should be selected taking into account maintaining the correct microclimate of the room, durability of coatings and sound-absorbing abilities. Only after that you can think over in detail the very style of the room.


Additional sound insulation will be necessary for the walls. The same cork from which special wall-paper is made perfectly copes with it. In addition, cork wallpaper is soft enough to prevent the ball from splitting if it accidentally hits a wall. Separately, you can select wooden panels, but they will need an additional layer of sound insulation.



Often used fabric panels, which also soften the blow. However, then there will be difficulties with fixing on the walls of equipment. Alternatively, you can use fabric wallpaper, drywall or just textured plaster.

Own billiard room is not a whim and not a distant dream. This is a room that shows the high status of the owners of the house, and you can enjoy your stay in it, either alone or with a company of close friends. This is a place where you can relieve emotional and physical stress, immersed in an exciting game.