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Paint for wallpaper: new mood every day (24 photos)


Changing the color of the wallpaper - the easiest and fastest way to refresh the interior, and the presence in the sale of a large number of wallpapers, adapted for this, very much to this. The most popular design solution for today is painting of wallpaper with special paint. This is a very fast and inexpensive process that allows you to change the interior at least every day.



For such a quick repair, you should choose a decorative paint with certain characteristics:

  • it should be easy to apply;
  • dry quickly;
  • be environmentally friendly;
  • no sharp smell;
  • must perform, in addition to the aesthetic function, the task of masking the surface flaws that have appeared;
  • After application, there should be a stable, relatively long-lasting effect - a beautiful surface, preferably a strong one.

It remains to understand what kind of paint for painting wallpaper is best suited.



Paint for wallpaper (water-based) based on PVA does not tolerate moisture, so it can only be used in dry rooms. On the basis of acrylic resins a more stable and bright version is made - acrylic paints. They are not washed off with water, they are not afraid of sunlight, for a long time painted walls look fresh.

You can immediately take the paint of the desired color, but you can not always find the desired, so you can use the method of creating the desired color using a special pigment - tinting.
However, it is quite difficult to properly prepare a mixture of the desired shade without experience - after drying, the surface turns out to be several tones darker than conceived, in this sense acrylic and latex paints are more comfortable, they almost do not change color. It is necessary to prepare the paint once and in one container, otherwise it will be impossible to achieve a uniform color.

Many types of wallpaper are initially adapted for applying colors to them, for others it is also possible to choose a suitable paint.


Paint for non-woven wallpaper suitable for any water-based. It is simply applied with a roller, brush, spray onto the surface.

With the types of wallpaper everything is clear, now you need to go to the colors. For coloring wallpaper used three main types.


Hydrophobic, durable paint does not dampen and is not damaged by mechanical action. It is opaque by light reflection, but its brightness completely compensates for this. Available in a variety of colors and shades, there are options with glitter and mother of pearl, metallized as gold, silver and bronze.

Suitable for any idea, you can also recall the presence of acrylic lacquer, which can also be used for painting wallpaper.

Having decided how to choose paint for wallpaper, you can proceed to the calculation of the required amount.

On average, about 250 grams of material per square meter of surface, but it is difficult to predict exactly. In any case, it is better to take with a small margin. In addition, each type of paint is usually accompanied by detailed instructions with approximate consumption - this information should be studied and taken into account by the manufacturer.