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Zebrano cuisine: nature says (28 photos)


You can not talk about the kitchen zebrano, without explaining at least in a nutshell what zebrano is. This is the name of a special rare species of wood produced from trees grown in southern countries (for example, in West Africa). Drawing the texture of this wood is very similar to the coloring of zebra: dark and light stripes alternate with each other. These lines can be of different shades and widths, they are most often parallel to each other in a horizontal or vertical position, but there are instances of wood and with a diagonal pattern.




The exotic pattern can be presented in a wide range of colors. This variety makes it possible to experiment with the selection of colors in the design of the kitchen. Here is a list of options for the zebrano tint palette:

  • Light colors: sandy, gray, light beige, caramel color.
  • Dark colors: black, brown (maybe with a tinge of red, green, red).



The contrasting combination of strips of unusual shades and the variability of their location expand the range of their application in design art. If we add here a properly thought-out lighting, then the refinement of such a kitchen becomes obvious. The gloss of the facades of kitchen cabinets plays in the sun with bizarre modulations, so the shiny polished surfaces in the case of zebrano greatly benefit compared to matte ones.



The presence of African color in the interior can be afforded by the liberated natures of the creative warehouse who love everything bright and unusual.

Exotic rare wood can be the main solution in the design of the kitchen, as well as be present in it as separate inclusions.

If the dominant color is chosen zebrano, you should not supplement it with many details, especially catchy ones - the pattern of this tree in itself attracts attention.




Styles in which zebrano is appropriate

A bright and distinctive zebrano will naturally and harmoniously fit into any style, the distinctive features of which are restraint, orderliness, completeness, clearly delineated lines and even some rigor. Such styles are distinguished by a minimum of decor and a maximum of practicality.

Laconic forms and monochromatic colors are perfectly combined with the southern temperament of a zebra tree.

We indicate the styles in which zebrano is used successfully.




Minimalism is universal and seemingly simple. The style does not allow itself anything extra - cleanliness and refinement, order and elegance, the almost complete absence of decorative elements. The kitchen interior in a minimalist style prefers flat and smooth surfaces, actively uses natural material (stone, wood), but plastic is also in high esteem.



High tech

The hi-tech style is close in spirit to the first two styles. The main qualities are straightforwardness and clearness of lines, simplicity of decor, equipped with complex devices and mechanisms, maximum functionality and convenience, a lot of light and space, cold colors, glossy shine, love of metal and rectangular shapes.




Modern also does not like anything extra, in such a kitchen every piece of free space is adapted for something, everything will always be at hand. Every little thing in its place and has some function. The zebrano kitchen in the interior of the Art Nouveau style is distinguished by a fashionable modern design of furniture and accessories, high-quality appliances, bright and unusual combinations of the color palette, it combines various materials (wood, stone, plastic), various forms of surfaces.



What colors can be combined in the kitchen zebrano?

If the bottom of the kitchen is zebrano decorated with a dark tone of wood, then the upper part should be of a light shade and vice versa. Most often, the first option is recommended, it will give the kitchen lightness and airiness, while the dark top will compact the space.