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Glossy kitchen fronts: is it appropriate to shine in the kitchen (23 photos)


Glossy cuisines today are very popular. They can gently pour into the overall interior of the apartment or be a separate island, featuring bright colors and unusual facades. Such a kitchen brings a lot of pleasure, but it also requires very careful care, so if you chose a glossy kitchen set, you should know how to properly care and what weakness it has to enjoy such beauty for as long as possible.




Features glossy kitchens

If you decide to buy a glossy kitchen, then choosing the right color and size, you can completely change the room. Thanks to the reflective facades, you can visually expand the space of a small room. Beige or white glossy kitchen can significantly expand the space, as well as make the room lighter and more comfortable. If the space of the room allows you to choose any size and color of the kitchen set, then a large red glossy kitchen will be an excellent choice for bold and stylish owners.




If in the furniture store you notice a significant difference in the cost of glossy kitchen sets, it depends on their parameters, materials and types of glossy coatings. Most often, high-quality MDF boards are used for the manufacture of glossy headsets, since natural wood will be invisible under a layer of gloss. That is why the cost can be greatly overestimated. If the natural basis is important to you and the price category does not play an important role, you can choose a kitchen made of natural wood with a high-quality glossy finish.




The most common materials for glossing are:

  • PVC film;
  • Acrylic;
  • Paint or varnish;
  • Plastic.

The use of PVC film is the most economical option for creating a glossy coating on furniture. For this film using a vacuum press is applied to MDF sheets. Thanks to this coating, you can choose or order a kitchen of green, brown, beige and any other color. Low cost is caused not only by cheap materials, but also by low durability and a tendency to fade in the sun. Also, such a headset can deteriorate from exposure to water and moisture, after which the gloss will begin to peel off.



Acrylic coating is the highest quality and reliable, but this is reflected in the high cost of kitchen sets. Glossy acrylic coating has many advantages, including color stability and brightness, resistance to mechanical and chemical effects, as well as resistance to moisture. Acrylic is absolutely safe, so furniture with an acrylic coating is used even in children's rooms. In the event of scratches or light damage, the acrylic coating can be “repaired” with special products for glossy furniture.



The paintwork is also durable and sustainable. Glossy facades for the kitchen are achieved by applying several layers of paint and varnish on MDF boards. The resulting coating is absolutely safe and does not emit toxic compounds even when heated. Glossy kitchens with such a coating can have a variety of shades, for example, classic black, white, or bright green or red, and you can also buy or order a set of photo printing. Scratches or minor damage can be easily removed with a special polish. At the same time, such a coating has drawbacks, among which is high cost, as well as color burnout and peeling is possible with strong mechanical damage.



Plastic or postforming coating is one of the available options for creating glossy furniture, which is based on chipboard. The coating is quite durable, but not resistant to mechanical damage, and also erased, loses color and brightness under the influence of sunlight. Glossy kitchens with a plastic coating are not resistant to moisture, and if you accidentally put a scratch, it is almost impossible to remove it.




If you have already become the owners of a beautiful and luxurious glossy kitchen, you need to preserve its brilliant appearance. To care for such a headset is quite difficult. If you mostly spend all your time in the kitchen, then you will have to wipe the glossy facades several times a day so that it always looks noble and rich.

Also so that the kitchen always pleases the eye, it is necessary to adhere to the mandatory recommendations, such as:

  • In order for facades to look shiny for the longest possible time, and no dust on the surface, you should use special antistatic agents for glossy furniture;
  • To protect the coating from the harmful effects, you need to use wax-based polishes that will maintain the shine of the facades;
  • To preserve color and brightness, place glossy headsets in such a room zone where there is a minimum of sunlight;
  • In order not to damage the gloss, you should use a soft, non-abrasive detergents designed specifically for such facades;
  • To add shine, remove light spots or dust, you can lightly moisten a microfiber cloth and wipe all surfaces of the glossy kitchen;
  • To protect the headset from moisture, often ventilate the room, do not leave wet objects on horizontal surfaces;
  • To ensure that the gloss does not peel off on horizontal surfaces, do not put hot dishes on them, you should use coasters or boards.

Do not forget, to achieve maximum harmony in the kitchen, you can choose the appropriate glossy dining table and chairs or other furniture in the appropriate color and design, and then your kitchen will become the most beautiful room.