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How to choose a toaster: which parameters to pay attention to when buying


Who at breakfast will refuse fragrant hot toast? But to make a piece of bread really tasty, you need to know how to choose the right toaster. The huge choice of this home appliance on the shelves of stores may frighten an incompetent buyer, so we will help with the choice, describing all the possible characteristics. Then you will not doubt what kind of toaster you need.

The cooks of ancient Rome constantly equipped thousands of soldiers on military campaigns. Through experiments, they realized that bread is stored longer if it is fried. Of course, during the time of the Roman Empire there was no electricity, bread was simply strung on sticks and fried in a fire. The Romans conquered a lot of land and did not hide from the local recipe for their crisp bread. Over time, toasts became popular in England, and already their conquerors brought recipes to America. However, despite the electrification of the country in America at the beginning of the 20th century, the first toaster was invented in the wrong place.

It was released in 1893 in the British firm Crompton & Company, but the invention was unsuccessful, the toasts were obtained with a strong smell of burning and were unsuitable for food. To the joy of housewives in 1909, the American company General Electric released a new device that baked bread without smoke and fire. The first decades of the 20th century in the USA can be figuratively called the era of toaster building. Many companies competed with each other, trying to improve the device that people loved. In 1919, the first toaster with a timer saw the light, and in 1926 the technology got to the point that the loaves began to jump out of the toaster themselves. At the end of the 20th century, the device could not only roast pieces of bread, but also cook cakes on its own, leave patterns on slices, or simply warm up buns.

Depending on the type of control, all toasters are divided into 3 categories.


This option has an automatic shutdown system. The owner only needs to put the bread inside and specify the cooking time, you do not need to follow the cooking. As soon as the toasts are fried, they “jump out” thanks to the spring mechanism, after which the device will turn off. If you want breakfast preparation to take a minimum of time, this option is for you.

To make the right choice of a toaster, when buying it you should pay attention to the indicators described below.


This is the main feature of the toaster. From the power depends on the speed of toasting bread. From 600 to 1700 watts are needed for this electrical device Despite the fact that these are rather big indicators, you can not be afraid of energy waste, because the device works only a couple of minutes. And the more powerful the device, the faster it dries the bread slices.

Choosing a toaster, pay attention to the number of branches in it. In elongated models, you can simultaneously cook 2 pieces. There are also devices with two compartments, in each of which you can put 2 or even 3 slices. This option is suitable for a large family.
Roomy model allows you to quickly cook a delicious breakfast for everyone, without taking a lot of time. The disadvantage of such a device is that it is rather bulky. There is a similar to the previous model, but for frying two pieces. It is more compact when compared to previous versions of toasters. For a small kitchen, this will be the perfect choice.

Body material

Manufacturers offer two options for the material from which the toaster is made:

  • Plastic. This option is more common, because this material is very durable, lightweight, does not require special care, and most importantly - inexpensive. Its advantage in a variety of colors: you can choose the color of your kitchen.
  • Stainless steel. Expensive models are dressed in metal cases. They may have a glossy or matte surface. We advise you to buy a device with a matte, because on the gloss will remain fingerprints, drips and stains that constantly have to be washed.

The coating material does not affect the performance or lifetime, the choice depends only on personal aesthetic preferences.



Pallet availability

It would be nice to get a toaster that has a pan. During cooking, small pieces and bread crumbs constantly fall inside the structure, even if you do everything neatly. On some models in the lower part there is a pallet, which significantly simplifies the care of an electrical device. It can be pushed and thrown away the falling pieces of bakery products.

Some models have simple slots on the bottom. Through them, all the grain remains are poured on the table, not gathering inside. This option is not very convenient, because you have to constantly wipe the surface of the kitchen table.

Home appliances of a high price category have a number of additional functions:

  • Grate for heating. It is located above the hull. You can put any baked goods on it, and it will become warm, thanks to the rising air currents. Also on it already cooked toasts will not cool. Additional roasting products are not exposed.
  • Auto centering. The pieces are located strictly in the center of the compartment, which contributes to their even frying. Also this function will protect against burning.
  • Thawing. Using this function, you can defrost slices of bread that were stored in the freezer. After defrosting the toast will begin to roast until golden brown.
  • Stop button. Pressing it, you turn off the device at any time. No need to wait until the toaster is complete. This may be necessary in the case when you see that the bread roasted faster.
  • Cooking small pieces. You can safely fry croutons for soup or small slices for canapes.
  • Drawings on toasts. Some models can burn various patterns or images of animals on bread. Big fans of this feature are kids.

Advanced Toasters

Those who think that toasters only fry bread are mistaken. Modern models have stepped on and may surprise.