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Design and decor of purple kitchen (22 photos)


Bright kitchens are gaining more and more popularity, but not everyone is able to create such an interior properly, because skillfully combine colors and decor elements need to be able to. One of the difficult options is the violet kitchen, in the main color of which both the kitchen set and the general decoration can be painted.




Rich purple color will perfectly fit into both modern design styles and classic ones. It will look good both in the quality of the furniture color and in the decoration or interior details. Particular attention is paid to the combination and the right shade.

From the point of view of psychology, the purple color is controversial: on the one hand, it causes anxiety, anxiety and other negative feelings of a person, and on the other hand, increases efficiency, reduces appetite (which may be an important characteristic of the kitchen for someone) and improves sleep. And yet - not everyone will be comfortable in a room with purple walls or furniture, so you should carefully approach the design, if the purple color in the interior of the kitchen is selected as the main one.

General tips

It is known that under the purple color means more than 30 different shades:

  • Eggplant;
  • Cherry;
  • Bright purple;
  • Fuchsia;
  • Plum;
  • Lilac;
  • Violet;
  • Amethyst;
  • Lilac, etc.

Each of them has its own "preferences" in relation to the combination with other colors. Especially good with purple and its shades look: white and milk, black, gray and silver, green (pistachio and olive). Also recently, you can meet and combination with orange, yellow. Using a combination of shades of purple with these colors can revive the interior of the kitchen, give it originality and unique individuality. It is better not to combine with blue and red: it will look too bright and most likely tasteless.



When choosing a color, you need to take into account that the premises of a small area will look better in bright and delicate shades. For a large space, bright and dark colors are more suitable because will not visually reduce space. You can play on the contrast in both cases - choosing a striking set, muffle it with pastel tones of the walls and ceiling decoration. By the bright finish it will be harder to choose the right color of the headsets, but you can still do it. You also need to take into account the possibility of lighting - in the presence of dark saturated purple in the room requires a large amount of light in order not to make the space "heavy".

If the goal is to put a modern kitchen in violet tones, then you need to take into account the other elements: chair covers, kitchen towels, tablecloths, curtains. They, by the way, it is better to make light so as not to obscure the space even more. The colors should be selected either suitable contrasting, used as a second color, or in tone with that violet that already exists. The main thing - do not overdo it with the main color.

The kitchen set of purple color is well suited for large rooms, for example, for a spacious studio apartment or for a kitchen combined with a living room. The set can be made of plastic or metal, or of painted wood or glass. Countertops for bright headsets are usually delicate light, or vice versa of a very dark color, depending on the saturation of the main color. It may be that the upper half of the headset is purple, and the lower black / white / green and vice versa.



Good looks white and purple kitchen with glossy elements. If the tabletop is dark, it will be good to highlight it with LED lighting, which is taped to the bottom of the wall cabinets. It allows not only to give a more modern look, but also to make the kitchen more convenient in terms of lighting. The apron for such a headset can be chosen in the color of the main wall decoration.

Purple kitchen decoration

Purple walls in the kitchen - a bold and modern solution, they will look quite rich and exclusive. You can use wallpaper, paint or plaster to decorate the walls. It is important that the walls are even, otherwise a solid color will quickly highlight all the small potholes and irregularities. You can use wallpaper with a pattern, it should be discreet, perhaps with a white or gray pattern.



Wallpaper for the purple kitchen can be found in specialized building stores. If you take the wallpaper for painting, then the choice is better to stop on the white or close to it tones, so that the final color is correct and saturated. Also, the wallpaper can be either strictly monophonic or with a pattern / pattern. Or the choice can fall on the wallpaper with a purple color in the lead role.

When choosing a color for the walls, be sure to take into account the color of the headset and all other elements of the interior in the kitchen. If the kitchen is connected to the living room, then you should pay attention to the color of the walls in the room, so as not to get a lurid interior. The decoration of the walls also includes the so-called kitchen "apron". Purple walls in the kitchen set the tone and the "apron", which can be made of ceramic tiles, PVC panels or washable wallpaper. The color can be in the tone of the walls, and more suitable to the headset, but not out of the general design.

For any of the options, the kitchen design in purple does not end on the headset and walls. The ceiling in both cases will look nicer in a light color scheme. It is better if it is a stretch ceiling or painted smooth surface. Ceiling tiles and wallpaper in this case will reduce the price of the interior.



As for the floor, then the choice for the owner. Massive, expensive and dark kitchens, of course, are more compatible with parquet or laminate, but some types of linoleum (high-quality, dense and with a wood pattern) will do.



Window. If they have nothing to do with kitchen furniture, then they can be left as is (provided that they are not shabby, wooden and battered by time). If the headset is somehow connected with the window sill and window, then ideally they should be arranged in accordance with the general style. It also happens that the windowsill is made a continuation of the tabletop, which will also look good with the correct arrangement of all components. In this case, as a curtain fit only roller blinds or blinds.



Regarding the details of the interior, such as a table, chairs, towels, decor, etc., the owner or owner of the kitchen decides on its own whether they will fit the style of decoration and the headset. To make the design of a purple kitchen look modern, it is worth choosing furniture that matches one of the main colors.