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Bay window - a fashionable element of a modern interior (32 photos)


The thing that is the topic of our article is a very rare guest of modern apartments. Bay window can be found mainly in the houses of the past. A house with a bay window is a tribute to the noble tastes of the people of the Middle Ages and the Tsarist era, because the bay window itself came into architecture from the medieval castles of Germany. But it is worth explaining what exactly this part of the interior is.




Bay window - protruding and being part of the facade design with a variety of windows. Usually, it is designed to increase the internal space of the apartment, as well as add more light to it.




Not every owner of such a great decor element can use it correctly, which is why our article will teach you how to equip a bay window in the best way, as well as correctly design an apartment.

House designs with a bay window in our time are becoming increasingly rare, but if you still become the happy owner of such a design decision, then you should know a few important rules and simple recommendations on how to decorate the bay window.



For a start, it is worth understanding that the bay window can serve to increase the space in the apartment, as well as to give it more illumination thanks to its windows.



This small balcony can be decorated in the style of the whole apartment, or it can become a kind of separate room.

The decoration of the bay window in soft pastel colors will give the room in which it is located an atmosphere of lightness and airiness.

A room with a bay window wins in the style of the other rooms of your home, which is why it is so important to equip this part of the house correctly. And it directly depends on the room in which the bay window is located. The main options can be:

  • living room;
  • study;
  • kitchen;
  • bedroom;
  • canteen;
  • children, etc.

Variants of the design of the bay window in these rooms will be discussed below.

Living room

First in line is the living room with a bay window as the most popular option for the location of this balcony. It is in the living room should be created maximum comfort, because this room is designed for large crowds. The room should be spacious both visually and in fact.

The design of the living room with a bay window should be designed in the same style and colors, however, for more convenience, two zones can be separated from each other by curtains.

The bay window itself can be forced by rounded seats along the windows so that it is convenient to do any business under the light from the windows. The design of the chairs for the bay window in the living room can be made to order, the height of the window frame.



Tea zone

The interior of the living room with a bay window can be planned in a completely different way. The idea is that you can make a cozy place for tea drinking out of the bay window by simply adding a few comfortable chairs, an elegant table and a little decor in the form of paintings or figures on the window sills.




Some apartments do not allow you to have a separate room for the office. But you are lucky if you have a bay window in one of the rooms - it can be equipped for a working area. Most often, this way equip the bay window in the bedroom, because the bedroom with a bay window is an excellent working area, comfortable and pleasant.




Kitchen and pantry

There is another option that the kitchen with a bay window can afford, it is a small storage room. Undoubtedly, a normal pantry made of a bay window cannot be done because of large windows, and you should not close them, because they complement the kitchen design with a bay window well.



The balcony should be covered with carpet or put a warm floor, and curtains for the bay window will come again to the rescue. These curtains should be light enough for the children to be able to move and push them apart for their own games.

Flower winter garden

The idea for a country house was already presented above. In fact, wooden houses with a bay window are not uncommon. Bay window in a one-story house allows you to realize the dream of all the housewives of the summer cottage and those who love plants.

Bay window can be turned into a real garden, because the conditions for this are: plenty of sunshine and open space.

Plants can be put in pots; Excellent in terms of decor will look like a vine hanging from the ceiling and walls. Such a zone with its freshness and natural beauty will decorate the dining room or living room.




Summing up, it is safe to call a bay window a convenient and mobile zone that can be used for various purposes, but it will definitely become one of the most significant decorations of an apartment or a whole house. Be sure to take advantage of this opportunity to start living with benefit and comfort.