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Seamless tiles in the interior: create a new plane (23 photos)


Tiled materials are in demand at various stages of finishing and landscape works. Among their advantages - compact size, which allows you to perform the task of one master without attracting unskilled labor. The small-format tile is laid on surfaces of complex shape and on the floor in rooms with non-standard planning as easily as on simple surfaces. Everyone is familiar with the traditional pattern of the surface tiled with tiles, a feature of which is the presence of seams. It is so popular that they produce PVC tile panels for a simpler surface finish. However, many potential buyers who are dissatisfied with the presence of a seam. The seamless tile from ceramics, porcelain tile, clinker and even expanded polystyrene will help to make the surface monolithic.




Seamless floor tiles

The technology of seamless tile laying allows you to create a solid surface on the floor that will resemble a solid stone or parquet. In contrast to the classic collections of ceramics, seamless tile to the floor has the following advantages:

  • magnificent esthetic properties of a surface;
  • no dirt and debris, traditionally accumulate in the seams of tiles on the floor;
  • in the seams on the floor in the bathroom does not accumulate water, destroying the grout and creating conditions for the development of microorganisms;
  • excellent strength characteristics;
  • wide decorative possibilities.

The ideal surface texture is the main advantage of the material, among the drawbacks is the complexity of installation, limited temperature range of operation and high quality requirements.

The widest range of seamless tiles offered by manufacturers of porcelain. In their catalog there are collections that ideally imitate precious woods, natural stone, rare leathers and metal surfaces. Seamless porcelain tile got the name of rectified, its production technology has its own nuances, which makes tile more expensive.



Features of facing with seamless tiles

Lay this material must be high-class specialists. Experienced craftsmen always rely on joints for laying tile, which allow you to hide flaws in the work. The seam minimizes the height differences of the floor tile, compensates for the thickness of the applied adhesive and installation errors. The seamless ceramic tile keeps within taking into account the following features:

  • the base must be perfectly level;
  • the base must be strong and stable;
  • laying tiles is better with the help of special suction cups;
  • need a special professional tool for trimming porcelain.

It is advisable to use a large tile size, which leads to additional costs.



Large-format and small-format seamless ceramic tiles are used for facing both horizontal and vertical surfaces. Rectified porcelain stoneware is a popular flooring for restaurants, large shopping centers, exquisite boutiques and respectable offices. It is used in luxury hotels and at the final stage of finishing work in cottages and city apartments. The rich texture of the tiles, a wide selection of colors allow you to solve the most complex design problems.




In recent years, laying tiles on vertical surfaces has become popular. A special object for this material are kitchen aprons above the work areas. A seamless tile is also used for wall cladding in the kitchen, bathroom and bathroom. Some designers practice fragmentary laying on the wall of the living room, study or bedroom.

A special type of seamless ceramics is a clinker tile, which is distinguished by high strength and resistance to the effects of aggressive chemicals, mineral oils, automotive fuels. In terms of its versatility, this material is ahead of porcelain stoneware, only slightly inferior to it in aesthetic properties. Clinker perfectly replaces the tile, can be used for interior and exterior, including garages.




When choosing an object for lining with seamless tiles, you should not forget about thermal expansion. The seam plays an important compensatory role and you should not lay this material on the street or on heated floors. For paths and playgrounds on the street there is paving slabs, not experiencing strong thermal expansion. However, it’s not worth the risk and it’s better to give preference to the pavement classic for pavement.



Seamless ceiling tiles

Lightweight, seamless ceiling tiles are the perfect material for decorative finishes. It is made of expanded polystyrene or polyvinyl chloride, has a convenient format for installation. It quickly displaces plastic panels, which have a higher cost, from the use of builders. A seamless tile on the ceiling is produced not only in white: in the range of the collection's manufacturers with a beige, pink, gray, steel and blue tint. If ceramics manufacturers offer products whose surface imitates wood or natural stone, the range of manufacturers of ceiling tiles is more diverse.




Modern seamless ceiling tiles reproduce the complex texture of the stuccoed ceilings of palaces and castles, papier-mâché ceilings, which were used to decorate many famous buildings. Simulates material and wood, and expensive varieties of marble, which allows it to be used in projects of any complexity. Installation is carried out using special tile glue, and for work perfectly smooth surfaces are needed.




The choice in favor of a seamless tile is due to an unusually spectacular end result. Manufacturers offer a wide range of products for interiors in different styles. Before you buy the material, you should carefully read how to put a seamless tile correctly and efficiently. It may well be that there will be problems finding qualified craftsmen. If there are specialists with experience with such material, then without thinking, you can give your preference to a spectacular seamless tile made of ceramics, porcelain stoneware or modern polymeric materials.