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Bed-car - a comfortable element of the interior of the nursery (25 photos)


The baby recently brought home develops, matures, and now comes the time of the "move" from the crib. In each family, this age is individual, but such a process is inevitable.

If the choice of parents chose to purchase a bed-typewriter, it is necessary to choose it correctly in accordance with the age of the child.

Beds-machines are designed for children from one and a half years to adolescence. In this dependence, their design, the presence of small parts, luminous elements, the height of the sides changes.

Features of the choice of bed depending on the age of the child:

  • For a child from 1.5 to 4 years old, beds that resemble a car with external shapes and design will do. They have quite high sides, made in a wave-like and low panels on the ends of the bed. The facades are painted in bright colors with painted or pasted wheels.
  • At 5-7 years old, a child will not be satisfied with such a simple version. He already understands the machines, has his hobbies and sympathies for certain brands of cars, so for this age you need to choose a bed on which there is a greater number of elements that give realism to the product. The shape of the machine becomes smoother, there is plastic on the panels, overhead wheels, rolling. At this age, a bed with an illuminated car in which the headlights are lit is relevant.
  • From 8 and up. At this age, the requirements for bed-car will be high. The child will already want to choose a specific model. Usually, these are racing models, for example, a bed-machine of Ferrari. Simple imitation can not do. In the manufacture of teen beds use items from real cars or very exact copies. Accordingly, their cost will be high.

Manufacturers offer a huge range of bed-cars, it can be a police car, fire engine, racing, bus, truck. A child older than 4 years can independently choose the brand of car he likes.




"Cars" for girls

Not only boys, but also girls will be treated with an unusually decorated sleeping place. The bed-car for a girl can be in the form of a carriage in a pink-white color. This can be either the lower part with the top, the closed canopy, or the product completely closed with doors and windows. However, we must look to the child was not afraid to be in an enclosed space.

Machines for boys and girls are available in various colors. They can be monophonic, and also can contain various ornaments, inscriptions, stickers.

Not necessarily the bed for the boy should be blue, and for the girl - pink or white. The choice of color depends on the personal preferences of the child and the design of the room, the color of the furniture.

Choosing a bed, which will be a central element of the room's decor, you have to look at the color scheme of the room. The bed should not be too bright, since it is a resting place, and it should have a general tone with some elements of furniture.

If there are two kids in the family, then a bunk bed-machine is perfect for sleeping. Manufacturers have not forgotten about this part of the furniture of the children's room. Such a bed can be picked up in the form of a fire engine, bus, locomotive, the same or different cars.




Performance material

Since the beds are used by children, the material from which they are made must be environmentally friendly, durable, and durable.

The main materials include:

  • Chipboard laminated by a photo printing. A product made of such material does not like moisture and must be wiped carefully, especially at the ends, so as not to spoil the stickers.
  • Laminated chipboard - in the manufacture of chipboard, they are covered with a protective film, prolonging the period of use of the product.
  • MDF is the most natural material consisting of sawdust fastened with lignin and paraffin. This material is more durable.
  • Plastic. Beds of such material are safe for health.
  • Wood is the most natural material.

From the production material depends on the price of the product.

When choosing a bed, you need to pay attention to the size, material, bottom, smooth contours.

There should be no sharp corners on the product, they should be hidden by plastic.

The main types of beds are presented by such models:

  • The Fast and Furious Car Domico bed is an affordable and practical option for children's furniture. The bed frame is made of laminated chipboard, the bottom is made of birch slats. The package also contains volumetric wheels.
  • AUDI RS Turbo bed machine is an exact copy of a real AUDI. The product is equipped with sound speakers reproducing the sound of the engine, headlights and wheels that are lit. The body is plastic.
  • Bed Ferrari FF - made of plastic and chipboard. The kit includes working in several modes, lights, light path, sound effects. Management takes place using the remote control.
  • Baby bed car "Cars" - a cartoon car will bring joy to the baby. The body is made of chipboard usually blue with red trim. The sides are covered with moisture-resistant film with bright patterns.



Thus, the choice of a bed-car depends on the age and preferences of the child, because the unusual and stylish sleeping place will bring a lot of joy and positive emotions to their owner and will become a favorite place to relax and play.