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Brass faucets: what is their feature


Being engaged in arrangement of a bathroom or kitchen, it is important to choose correctly bathroom equipment. The brass faucet is a reliable and aesthetic product that does not corrode. It withstands any thermal conditions.

Construction features

Not every metal adequately maintains contact with moisture. Brass alloy has proven itself well in these conditions. Its composition is:

  • zinc - 20-40%;
  • copper - 60-80%.

To improve performance, tin, nickel or other metal is added to the material. Brass is safe for health, and its components are completely environmentally friendly. The mixer liner can also be made of this metal.




All brass taps can be classified as follows:

  • installation site;
  • type of mechanism for opening the valve and temperature control;
  • jet parameters;
  • the nature of the installation.

All products made of brass alloy are divided into places of installation:

  • canteen;
  • kitchen;
  • shower;
  • sink.

Each mixer has a number of properties necessary for a particular room. Bathroom faucets are made without spouts, but with the same shower head. Brass faucet for kitchen or dining room has a swivel mechanism and is equipped with a spout. Washbasin faucet is made completely fixed.

Mechanisms for opening the valve and adjusting the temperature are:

  • twin fans;
  • with one lever;
  • contactless.

Brass bath mixer with two-valve scheme is the most reliable. The contactless type is not inferior to it, but the cost of its installation is unacceptable for people with average incomes. The product on one lever is convenient to use, but it often breaks.

The brass faucet can be mounted on board a bathtub, sinks and sinks, or directly to the wall. Will help in this high-quality liner for the mixer.

Today, brass and bronze faucets are widely used. Their cost is slightly lower than brass taps. They are no less durable and do not rust with time. Inside the product does not deteriorate from the aggressive effects of mineral deposits.




Among the main advantages of brass mixers with respect to stainless steel faucets can be distinguished acceptable cost. When comparing material with copper or bronze, a number of advantages stand out:

  • high strength;
  • resistance to mechanical damage;
  • heat resistance;
  • durability;
  • no leakage.

All products of popular world brands Jacob Delafon, Hansgrohe, Grohe BauEdge, Lemark and others are made in accordance with international requirements and standards.



Types of coatings

Brass alloy does not need additional coating to improve its protective properties. He alone is able to withstand any loads. Manufacturers still put a layer on the mixer to give it an attractive appearance.

Two types of coating are used for brass mixers:

  • electroplating;
  • enamel or paint.

In the first case, galvanization is carried out. Under the action of current, a thin layer of another metal is applied to the mixer. The most common options are:

  • chromium;
  • copper;
  • nickel;
  • bronze;
  • gold;
  • silver.

A number of positive properties awarded brass mixer for the sink coating of chromium. It makes the product shine and destroys the harmful bacteria that pass through it. Nickel is the second most popular coating option. It can cause allergies, so for sensitive people it’s better to give it up.



Copper and bronze are used to maintain the overall style of the room. Shiny coatings are more attractive, but require regular cleaning from stains and streaks. The matte surface is more restrained, but it always looks like new. For elite and prestigious premises you can buy silver or gold-plated brass faucet.

The enameled surface of the product will effectively shimmer in the sun or under the light of a lamp. Painted faucet easier to pick up for interior design. Unfortunately, paint and enamel have insufficient durability. For active use, they are not suitable. Soon cracks and chips are formed on them, which adversely affect the appearance of the room.


Today in the plumbing stores presented a large assortment of brass faucets. The product can be selected for any interior - classic or modern.

Interior styleSuitable model
Antique, retro styleWith aging effect; coating - chrome, bronze or silver; curved slender tap and round knobs
ClassicalTraditional round shape; coating - copper or bronze; one knob for temperature switching
ModernBrilliant coating; non-standard crane shape
VanguardBright color
High techChrome Crystal Coating
RoyalGold plated or silver plated brass mixers

Products made of brass alloy are decorated in various ways:

  • relief surface;
  • engraving;
  • painting;
  • glass elements.

Even an ordinary brass mixer revives and refreshes the familiar interior of any room.

How to distinguish a fake?

During the acquisition of plumbing do not forget about the possibility of facing a fake. High-quality brass shower faucet and eyeliner for the mixer can not be cheap. No promotion or discount does not justify the cheapness of products. It will only mean that you are trying to sell a fake or low-quality goods.

There is a way to protect yourself from acquiring a fake. Right in the store you need to estimate the weight of the mixer. Brass plumbing heavy. Manufacturers love to forge the spout, giving it a thin steel. That he needs to pay special attention. It is necessary to abandon the brass taps with plastic levers, as they are short-lived.




Brass mixer will decorate the room only with regular care. Careful operation also affects the appearance of the product. It is not recommended to touch it with dirty hands. The crane must be protected from leakage from closely located nodes and pipes.

Maintain a beautiful view and the original color plumbing is easy. If, nevertheless, the moment is missed and the mixer is in a deplorable state, then store or home remedies will come to the rescue.

Standard wash

Avoid stubborn stains will help daily or, in extreme cases, a weekly wash. To clean, just wipe the product with a damp cloth. Aggressive cleaners should not be used, as they can damage the surface. Used ordinary soapy water. In conclusion, you need to wipe the mixer with a dry cloth so that it does not form stains from drying water and do not spoil the color of the product.



How to return the former brilliance?

The non-uniformly aged brass has its own charm, but not everyone loves the antique look. In the hardware store, you can purchase tools to return the shine to the old surface. You must carefully study the label, as the old plaque does not remove all of them. Some only polish and briefly return the original color.

You can clean the tap from contamination with ordinary ketchup. Citric acid, which is part of it, is able to return shine and color. A small amount is applied to the fabric, after which it wipes the brass surface. Next, the mixer is rinsed with water and treated dry with a cloth.