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Original wall decor ideas (55 photos): we design our own interior


Unusually and brightly, according to your own taste and the overall style of the interior, the walls of your house should be decorated. Why precisely "must"? Because it cannot be otherwise, because the decor of the walls is not only an aesthetic pleasure, but also a continuation of the design of the whole interior.






Wall decor: interior harmony

In a special way, the walls are decorated by a venerable designer - this is stylish, bold and intriguing. However, such work is only qualitatively and in time completed the order, no creativity, and pieces of warmth and love. But the decor of the walls with their own hands, with the help of all family members, and even from handy materials, conveys a state of mind.






Such an activity as the design of the walls in the nursery, living room and your own bedroom can take days and weeks. You will add something, change something, redo something, until the decorated walls hit the completeness of the idea.

And along with the unique design room (almost handmade), you can enjoy:

  • own comfort and peace. After all, where creativity - there is a measured, and harmony;
  • creativity, because bright interiors inspire;
  • the right combination of colors;
  • stable psycho-emotional state. And this is so important with modern active and transient life;
  • result, fascinating and inspiring.




Having conceived to issue a wall, it is worth writing a plan of action. Despite the fact that the decoration process is purely creative, for a quality result you need to paint everything point by point. This will help to maintain a single semantic line, “not to get lost” in the expanses of the wall as an artistic canvas and to realize our plans without alterations.




And for this you need to decide on:

  • by design. If you decide to decorate a room in the style of Provence, minimalism, loft or Japanese, your decorative elements and the idea itself should embody the basic theses of this interior style. Only in this way will the room be balanced and harmonious;
  • the materials and shades of the color palette, which will help without words “tell” about the style and people living here;
  • own skills and capabilities. Agree, for example, decoupage technique or something similar to it requires skills, experience in handling paints, varnishes, stencils, paper / textile / plastic decor elements. But it is possible to decorate the room with a "fence" of colored pencils, a photo-tree of your family or an original fabric drapery almost the first time. Choose the methods of decoration, techniques and techniques that you understand.






Not sure if you can do it with a stencil? Then for you the decor of the walls in the apartment can be expressed by paper butterflies or any other elements (colors, figurines of angels, for the nursery - favorite cartoon characters). A whole company of various-sized butterflies of various sizes, “settled” on one of your walls, will make everyone smile in spite of a bad mood, will help to forget about adversity and tune in a positive way. Here, stencils and multi-colored cardboard of minimal density, xerox paper in color help. Why not color in kits for schoolchildren? It is too thin and will not give several shades of the same color. A couple of hours of work - and the butterflies fly up!






Is creative everything yours? Then use paint sprays and a sponge, creating a unique abstraction of shades on one of the walls or on a certain part of it. The advantage of this method is the democratic cost of materials and the ratio absolutely with any interior design.

Attention: such wall decoration is possible only where the interior is decorated in pastel shades. Decoration must be in harmony with the surrounding space, do not become a defiant and annoying point of attention. On colored walls with a pattern this is not achieved.



Want similar? It is optimal for those who love puzzles. Collect a picture of at least 2000 pieces, stick it on a double-sided tape, secure. Puzzles are unique, bright, noticeable and unusually interesting look on the wall. And such a mount, as double-sided tape, will ensure reliability and maximum fit to the wall.






Drapirok and other equipment

Particular should be the decor of the walls in the living room - a room that simultaneously implies relaxation and meeting with friends, making plans, therefore, activity and desire for complete privacy. Here, the best expression of natural, national and historical styles will be drapery. In this case, with the help of curtains, you can create an artificial window, simply securing the fabric on the string, bar, create a bouquet of satin ribbons and place it over the coffee table, for example. Or use the yarn to create bulky volume with the purpose of hanging the latter in a certain area.






Original motifs for certain styles can be expressed in the decoration of the room with decorative plates. Fastening on the wall with nails is ideal for the living room, but in the kitchen the plates can be placed on the shelves of suitable materials.

Monumental wall decor

You can drastically change the image of a room by choosing plaster, natural stone and other building materials as your decor. But remember that tomorrow it can not be changed, removed from the wall as well as, for example, paper butterflies. Therefore, approach the decoration of the walls in this way thoroughly. To do this, consult with experts who will perform all the work with high quality!




In this case, leather or skin-trophy can serve as decoration of a separate section of the wall. Such an unusual use of materials on the wall will make the room extravagant, bold, not like the others.



Top 5 unusual items for decoration

Interesting and unusual wall decor ideas are a mass of options. They can spy on the territory of the online space or explore the fashion magazine. And learn about some of the most unusual here! It:

  1. Colour pencils. Of these, you can create on the wall a mini-fence, for example, in the children's room. And above the fence to place the paper sun and clouds. All this is easy to do with your own toddler, who captures this idea. Collect clouds and rain in the collection - let the child express mood with their help !;
  2. Bulk items. Eggs painted in bright colors can be a unique decoration of the living room in eclectic style;
  3. False stained glass. Create it in a specific frame of fragments of multicolored glass and ceramics;
  4. Large beads, buttons. Of these, you can lay out a drawing ornament, a mini-picture or a whole panel. Dare !;
  5. Dried plants.






As you can see, decorating the wall is not difficult, the main thing is to make the decoration look harmonious in the interior of your home.