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Refined and elegant interior in bright colors (31 photos)


Interior in bright colors - one of the most successful solutions for owners of studios and close Khrushchev. Small rooms with a large number of bright surfaces visually appear more spacious, and the aesthetic component of the design does not suffer at the same time. Today we will talk about what recommendations stylists should follow in order for the design of housing in a bright range was stylish, fashionable and original.



Who is suitable?

Not every Russian can boast of having a spacious country house. The vast majority of our compatriots are owners of small Khrushchev houses, which immediately after purchase usually turn into studios. In such rooms all walls are demolished, and a single space is created, which should combine all the functions of the living room, kitchen, bedroom and hallway. In such apartments, every free centimeter is appreciated; therefore, when creating a design, the main task is visual enlargement of space. Excellent helpers in this can be light wallpaper and light furniture. The interior should contain a huge amount of fabrics of pastel, beige and white colors. If you follow all the rules, you will get a beautiful picture filled with style, elegance and home comfort.




The tone of the walls in the interior, in general, plays a key role in how comfortable a person will be in the newly renovated room. As an example, consider the bedroom. Here, people spend the maximum amount of time relaxing after a hard day’s work and doing their favorite hobbies. Modern designers recommend choosing beige, white, pistachio, olive and muted wall colors. They do not irritate the nervous system and delight the eye, even with a long stay in the room.

The interior of the bedroom in bright colors can be diluted with dark decorative elements. This will help avoid the “hospital” effect when the design looks empty and dull.




This year the classic is back in fashion. And the kitchen in bright colors has already become an absolute trend of the coming season. And if light furniture is not always appropriate here, then whitewashed walls can serve as the basis of the interior.

In the classic version of the kitchen wall should have a modest, discreet and inconspicuous light colors. When choosing finishing materials, one should pay attention not only to the aesthetic component, but also to their ability not to react to constant temperature drops and increased air humidity. In addition, they should be easy to clean and, in general, do not absorb pollution.




By the way, to make the interior of a one-room apartment in bright colors look complete and complete, you can create the design of the hallway, kitchen and bedroom in the same stylistic direction.

Bright bathroom - a great option for those who appreciate the beauty and practicality in any of its manifestations. In autumn and winter in this part of the apartment it is quite cool, and cold dark colors will only exacerbate this effect, so designers recommend sticking to a light gamut in the design. Such a solution is also considered the most profitable if the interior of a small apartment or studio is made in the same palette.



Practical advice on the selection of the correct design

Making the layout as convenient as possible.

Half of the success of the planned transformations depends on the fulfillment of this point. We all know that any setting should be not only beautiful, but also functional. Favorable location of the furniture gives the interior of the apartment in bright colors a new life and additional benefits. Classical cuisine, for example, suggests the absence of unnecessary decorative elements that overload the overall picture. In the hallway it is also necessary to adhere to minimalism and give preference to ergonomic furniture.

If you own a studio, and there is not enough free space for convenient movement, the interior of the living room in bright colors should contain furniture that solves several tasks at once. A transforming sofa and a coffee table that easily turns into a dining area - these are the best options for small apartments.




Keep the proportions

In any design, be it an interior in a classic style, discreet minimalism or a sophisticated modern, the correct ratio of volumes should be maintained. A large massive pendant chandelier will eat up the space and create a feeling of clutter. In a bright bedroom you cannot install a snow-white bed, it will visually occupy the entire area of ​​the room. Knowing these nuances, you can play with the dimensions of the room.




Choose successful invoices

In order for the interior of the hall, hallway or kitchen to look interesting, and not faceless and dull, you need to correctly approach the choice of surface textures. For example, bright wallpaper in the interior of the bedroom will seem one big empty spot, if the curtains on the windows have identical colors. A light floor in the interior will look interesting and original if an imitation of bleached oak with woody ornaments is applied on the surface of the coating. This implies the following rule: all design elements should differ from each other by 2-3 tones. Also note the contrast of textures.




We put dark accents

To breathe dynamism into the atmosphere and add zest, it is necessary to add space with dark decorative elements. A dark gray or black pillow on the sofa or a blue vase on the coffee table will give the design a rhythm and energy.




Do not forget about plants

The small oasis with decorative potted flowers looks very nice. In the bright kitchen, put on the window beautiful pots with greens for salads - and you will have a small suburban area on the windowsill, by the sofa in the living room, set a palm tree. Green bright spots on a light background will look very impressive, and the air will always be saturated with oxygen.

The interior in bright colors is, of course, incredibly beautiful and fashionable, but do not forget about practicality. With such furniture it is necessary to carry out general cleaning more often, because on the whitened surfaces any contamination or dust is strongly striking.