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Round sinks: comfortable, functional and ergonomic (22 photos)


Round-shaped sinks are very popular and in demand today, and this is because, with their compact size and favorable price, they can easily fit into the interior of any style. And if earlier buyers chose to wash square or rectangular, but today they are confidently replaced by round sinks of different diameters.



Pluses round sinks

Round shaped sinks have a number of important advantages:

  • suitable for interiors of any style;
  • have a greater depth of bowl;
  • very compact;
  • make the kitchen more comfortable;
  • safe to use.




What material to choose?

Today, round sinks and sinks are made from different materials. The most common:

  • ceramics;
  • stainless steel;
  • a rock;
  • glass.

The most economical and profitable option for the kitchen is the installation of a stainless steel sink. It can be made by stamping or a more expensive, welded method. Sinks for kitchen from a stainless steel get most often because they do not rust and do not darken under the influence of water and oxygen. Steel sinks heat resistant. Even if you put a hot pot in the kitchen sink and turn on cold water, nothing will happen to the metal. Steel, despite its high strength, is elastic, so often the plates falling into the kitchen sink do not break. There is no pore on the surface of such a sink, so it is easy to clean, no bacteria accumulate on it.




Stone sinks have a higher price because the stone is more expensive and looks more presentable. Sinks from a stone are very convenient in operation. This material, like stainless steel, is not afraid of sudden changes in temperature and does not deteriorate under prolonged exposure to moisture. Such shells are not afraid of any mechanical impact, with the exception of glossy surfaces that are afraid of sharp objects. Also, they are not afraid of aggressive detergents, which contain alkali or acid. If small scratches appear on round stone washers, they can be easily removed by fine sandpaper. Also, the stone sinks do not accumulate bacteria, so they are ideal for installation in the kitchen and in the bathroom. Just imagine how stylish the black round sink will look on against a white or golden tile.




Ceramics is a less durable material, so the installation of white ceramic sinks is excluded. Even from a small impact on a ceramic object, cracks can occur, but at the same time, ceramics are not afraid of temperature changes and it looks beautiful, so sinks made of this material have been in demand for many years.

Relatively recently, glass round sinks appeared on the market. They are made of tempered glass, so these shells withstand heat drops and a small mechanical effect. Glass shells are also not afraid of cleansing with various powders and gels, and there are no harmful bacteria on their surface.

However, these products have drawbacks. Even small drops of water are noticeable on the surface of the glass sink, so its surface should be wiped well. All communications can be seen through the glass surface, so the pipes should be as beautiful and new as the sink itself. In addition, the glass sink is several times more expensive than the ceramic. And if there is no possibility, it is better to purchase a cheaper model. Not often, but still there are shells made of wood. They are usually made to order and installed in bathrooms, made in ecostyle.



Round shells come in all kinds. For small bathrooms, a round washbasin with a bedside table is suitable. Installing such a bedside table allows you to save space: you can hide in it not only drain pipes, but also hide cleaning products, shampoos, shower gels, soap and other trifles, for which there is always not enough space.

Round washbasin suitable for a spacious bathroom. It is a high solid ceramic cylinder, in the upper part of which there is a bowl and faucet. This sink does not require special installation, but takes a lot of space and is expensive. Also in the spacious bathroom, you can install the sink invoice on the countertop. The stone tabletop is screwed to the wall and a sink is placed on top of it. If the tabletop is large, you can put two sinks - it is convenient and stylish. Its installation is easier than the mortise version.




For the bathroom also fit round sink with a pedestal. In this case, set the ceramic bowl on the cabinet, behind which the drain pipe is hidden. This is an inexpensive but functional version of washbasins. They look presentable, are inexpensive and occupy a minimum of space. For a very small bath, a corner sink is suitable, the length of each side of which may be about 30 cm.

In modern kitchens today is often the installation of mortise sinks. Many people think that they know how to install a mortise shell, but in fact they fail. The fact is that the hole under the mortise shell must be made to the nearest millimeter. If you make a little mistake, the expensive tabletop will be ruined and you will have to order a new one. The installation of the mortise shell allows you to save space well: a cabinet is installed under the table top, which is actively used in the future.

In modern stores you can find not only classic stainless steel and white ceramic sinks, but also frosted glass, wood, black, red and blue. Due to this variety of materials and colors, round sinks are suitable for any interior styles, ranging from classic and minimalist to Provence and Art Deco. The main thing is that the installation of such a sink saves space and makes the interior even more comfortable and thoughtful.