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Bathroom without a sink: how to make the space as ergonomic as possible (26 photos)


A bathroom without a sink - even this can be difficult, but in a small room where one person can barely turn around, this solution can be as sensible and effective as:

  • the sink takes the place which can be used under other, more useful, subjects of use;
  • the sink is not as irreplaceable as a bathtub or toilet; wash your hands, shave, brush your teeth in other places where there is water.

However, in order for such a bathroom interior to look natural and beautiful, you should approach it wisely. It is not enough to just remove the sink and hope that this alone will be enough. A small bathroom requires labor - it can be difficult to create a feeling of spaciousness and comfort in it.




How to fill the space?

The bathroom is one of the most cluttered premises of any house, as it contains plumbing, and all household items that may be needed by the owners, and a washing machine. And if in a spacious room an abundance of things may look natural, in a small room it will create a feeling of blockages and mess. Thinking how the bathroom without a sink will be decorated, you should:

Think of a bath

In order to save space, a bath of the following type can be used:

  • Shorter - its length is less than that of a conventional bath, and an adult of average height will not be able to lie down in it, stretching out, however, it also takes up less space.
  • Sitting - its length is hardly one and a half meters, and an adult of average height can only sit on a special elevation, but this is quite enough to clean up with even some comfort.
  • Shower cabin - the models are found the most diverse, from the cheapest to the most expensive, equipped with many additional functions, but they all share the common advantage - a small footprint. If there are no fans in the house to take long foam baths, a shower can be a great solution. The option with a mirror door will also allow you to visually expand the room.




Think about the toilet

In order to save space, a non-standard toilet can be used:

  • Compact - it is specially made less than the others, and can serve without any loss in comfort for the same purposes.
  • Corner - made in such a way as to fit not to one wall, but to two, which can help save a lot of space.



Think about the additional items needed. In any bathroom, according to the general public, there should be a washing machine, there should be a locker, there should be mirrors. To all this took up little space and fit, you can make additional efforts.

  • The machine. A washing machine can either be moved to another part of the house - if, for example, there is more space in the kitchen than in the bathroom - or you can purchase the most compact model. Vertical narrow cars look good and serve for a long time, taking up space at times less than other options.
  • Locker. Without a cabinet in the bathroom is not enough - you need to put somewhere toothbrushes, toothpastes, shampoos and shower gels. In a small bathroom, such a locker should be either attached - then you can place it above the washing machine - or angular, and then it can be pushed into a corner. You can also use a modest bookcase, which is located in a corner above the bathroom - this option is suitable for ascetics who still do not need a lot of space.
  • Mirror. Reflective surface - one of the best ways to visually expand the room. The interior of a small bathroom will only benefit from its presence - and you can hang it over a washing machine, for example.
  • A door. As a rule, the door opens into the bathroom, but to reduce the loss of space, you can replace it with a sliding Japanese version, which goes sideways and does not occupy precious space at all.

The absence of a washbasin allows you to make room for a washing machine, for a beautiful rug, for a feeling of spaciousness, which is actually not in the room, and the inconvenience associated with it is easy to overcome.




How to make space?

In addition to filling, the design of the bathroom is also important - the way the room creates will depend on how the walls, floor, and ceiling are designed, no less than the lack of a sink. The main tool you can use is color. With it, even the smallest bathroom can be made spacious and bright.

General tone

In order to make the room seem spacious and free, it is best to use light colors. They will visually expand the room, spread the walls apart. White, cool shades of any light colors, soft pastel suit well.



The combination of painting

To choose one light shade is not enough - you also need to skillfully combine it with other colors in order to achieve the correct effect. The main options are:

  • Dark floor, light walls, light ceiling. If the room is square, this combination will help make it higher. elongated in height and full of free space.
  • Dark floor, light walls, dark ceiling. If the room is small, but at the same time elongated in height, such a combination would be an excellent solution - it will visually bring the floor to the ceiling and push the walls apart.
  • Dark floor, light ceiling, light three walls and one dark. If the room is elongated and low, this combination will visually make it more square and at the same time attract attention to everything that will be located on the far wall.
  • Fully bright room. Washing the light tiles of the floor and walls will often have to, but they will create a feeling of light-flooded space.



A color scheme

If the room combines more than one color, the question should be approached carefully. Best of all - focusing on the compatibility table, by which you can decide which option is suitable. Classic are:

  • Shades of the same color. One is lighter, the other is darker - and as a result there can be no dissonance.
  • Contrast. Black and white are always combined perfectly - the contrast is always risky, but with the right choice it looks great.
  • Accents. One color is used as the main, the second as a shading accent.

In addition to color, interior details also matter, which can visually expand it.






Diffused light, mirrors, lack of a sink - as a result, the room will always look spacious and attractive, even if it is very small.