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Bedroom with a study (52 photos): design ideas


Thanks to the development of communication technologies, in particular, the Internet, many people have the opportunity to do their work at home. And this requires a certain place in the apartment. Not every house there is such an area. Many projects offer to combine several functional zones in one room, connecting them into one common design. For example, combine a living room with an office. But this idea is not very convenient, since the living room is a frequently visited place in the apartment.




Much more practical would be the idea of ​​combining a bedroom with a cabinet. Such a room, for example, in 12 square meters. m, must be divided into two zones: one for sleep, and the second for the workplace, it should be near the window.

Space allocation rules

Where do you start when planning a room of 12 square meters. m? The most important thing is to determine the method of zoning space. One of the most important rules to make falling asleep, you saw a minimum of things relating to work, and sitting at your desk, did not overlook the bed, otherwise it will certainly invite you into your arms. The main focus of the working area is the window, so that your eyes do not stiffen in the dark, there should be enough light. Support this idea and you will get a comfortable room.




Let's call the ways of zoning space in the room-study - living room or bedroom:

  1. Separation of partitions. They can be solid or have various functional openings, doors. Such partitions can serve as racks, wardrobes. For example, from the side of the cabinet, place a bookcase, and from the side of the room in the partition, arrange a cupboard or space for a TV.
  2. Screens If you do not want to heavily clutter up the bedroom and leave the opportunity to combine the room, then the use of lightweight screens or curtains will be the best option. Their only drawback is poor sound insulation.
  3. If you have a small room, an area of ​​less than 12 square meters. m, it is recommended to use the method of zoning space color. Variants of this idea mass. For example, the work area can be painted in a darker color than the bedroom area. The interior looks very nice and comfortable. The most harmonious of all is the 1: 2 partitioning room. But it is up to you to decide how much space to allocate for the office, and how much for the sleeping area.
  4. Different flooring. A simple and affordable option of sharing space. In the sleeping part, you can simply put a soft carpet.




Walls can be covered with any material you wish. It can be paint, decorative plaster with prominent reliefs or wallpaper - both plain and inconspicuous patterns. Remember that this room is designed not only for work but also for recreation. Its interior should harmoniously combine a study for work and a place for rest.




Simple tips:

  • Lay laminate or parquet on the floor. Then in the sleeping area you can put a beautiful rug, it will become a designer interior decoration;
  • pick up curtains with unobtrusive and neat design. The material of the curtains can be any - light and flying or dense;
  • Avoid excess pillows and ruffles with a colorful bedspread, they will distract you from work, make the interior too colorful.

Near the computer desk, you can successfully position the wall organizer. It takes up very little space, but for work it is an excellent attribute. Before your eyes you will have the most important thing for work, you will not forget about your plans for sure. The organizer will also decorate your room, it will be a highlight in it.



Choice of furniture

It is carried out on the basis of those judgments, which zone occupies the main role for you. If the study is in priority, then focus on choosing a comfortable desktop and comfortable chair. The decor in the interior should be at a minimum. More rigor and simplicity.




If you put a bedroom in the main place, then get a small table and a compact chair. The main element of the interior of the room will be a bed with ottomans and a wardrobe. It is necessary to ensure that the design of furniture combined with the interior design of the entire room.

Avoid cluttering up the bedroom. Find furniture with a two-in-one function. If you need to store a lot of papers in the office, select for them a shelf in a closet or a bed with drawers. The number of vehicles can also be minimized, it depends on your needs.






Lighting in the room

The workplace in the office is usually located near the window, and the bedroom is in the back of the room. It is better to replace the usual chandelier in the middle of the ceiling with built-in lights. It is easier to avoid shadows and illuminate the desired part of the room. It is obligatory to have light on the left side of the table. Switches most conveniently placed at the door, near the bed and table.

For bedding choose incandescent bulbs with a yellow light. For the cabinet, set the invigorating white or blue luminous spectrum of light. Lamps and a desk lamp select the color and design to the interior of the room. Everything should be in the same design and style.




What to do if the bedroom is small, does not exceed 12 square meters. m, and the workplace to equip nowhere else? Then you have to resort to all sorts of tricks of interior design to make the space comfortable and not overloaded.









Focus on the choice of compact and multifunctional furniture. For maximum preservation of free space in a room of 12 square meters. m, use the following notes:

  1. Buy a transforming bed - place a wardrobe for clothes or books in it. In another design, the bed turns into a table that can perfectly fulfill the role of a desktop. Then there is no need to zone the space. There will be plenty of free space during the day.
  2. Embed a wardrobe in the wall, and inside select a couple of shelves for books and documents.
  3. Folding table designed for a laptop. It is built into a small closet. Upon completion of your work, you fold the desk and other work accessories into this locker.

For rooms of 12 square meters. m is very important to maintain comfort and a homely atmosphere in the interior, despite the working environment. The color scheme is preferably created in bright colors. Use the idea of ​​placing a small picture on the wall. It should not be too catchy, and at the same time, harmoniously fit into the overall decor of the room.




If your house has a living room, it is quite possible to combine it with a study, freeing a bedroom for direct use. Room in 12 square meters. m is ideal for dividing it into zones. By the window, arrange your workplace, it should be well lit - this is the main condition for comfortable work.

Many ideas for decorating a living room with an office can be found on the Internet, where there are photos of such rooms. 12 square meters m will be enough to make the space cozy. A suitable interior design will allow you to equip the areas in the room in the best way, they will be stylish and modern. The main thing is to make them comfortable for their owners.