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Toilet seat - a simple device with unusual features (25 photos)


Before you choose a toilet seat, you need to make sure that it meets the following requirements: safe, comfortable, durable, has an attractive appearance.

The chair can have various forms (rectangular, figured), but the oval is traditional and widespread.

Conventionally, there are two types of toilet seats:

  • model - is included in the plumbing package and is intended only for a specific model of the toilet bowl. In case of breakdown of such a model stool (or its fastening), it is sometimes difficult to find a replacement, because the service life of plumbing equipment is longer than the components, and manufacturers update the toilet model range often;
  • universal - which can be installed on any type of plumbing.




Seat material

It is the material of manufacture that determines the usability and aesthetic appearance of the product. Manufacturers offer a wooden toilet seat, plastic, plywood.

Duroplast is a type of plastic, but is characterized by higher performance: resistant to damage, moisture and odors. It is not affected by ultraviolet and weak acids. A particular advantage is the presence in the composition of antibacterial substances that provide reliable protection against bacteria. Naturally, the cost of such products is higher than conventional plastic.




Plastic toilet seats are the most popular and sought after, due to their low cost. The advantages can also be attributed to: low weight, simple care (they are perfectly washed with cleaning agents), resistance to moisture. Among the shortcomings can be identified: the instability to mechanical stress (easily scratched and can crack with sharp blows), absorb odors.



Toilet seats: types and features

It would seem that such an uncomplicated product cannot have many varieties. Nevertheless, manufacturers offer several models of toilet seats:

  • The soft seat made of propylene is the easiest and cheapest option to design a toilet bowl. The main advantages: softness, comfort when using, low price, variety of colors and images on the cover. Among the shortcomings there are: the fragility of propylene (the average life of the material is 1 year), the surface layer is easily and quickly torn;
  • hard covers have a long service life (determined by the quality and thickness of the material). With careful use, such models regularly serve for several years (especially a wooden toilet seat). A well-known drawback - plastic fastenings of the lid to the toilet quickly break down and cannot be repaired. As an option, it is recommended to purchase a toilet seat with metal fasteners;
  • automatic constructions raise / lower the toilet lid without human intervention (the presence detector is activated). Advantages: beautiful appearance, smooth control of the lid is guaranteed, sanitation and hygiene of sanitary equipment are ensured. The main disadvantage is the high price;
  • toilet seat with microlift. In such devices, not only the lid is lifted automatically, but also the toilet seat. These models can not be called common because of the high price, which is due to the use of expensive materials and devices. It can also be attributed to the disadvantages of the lack of ability to regulate the process of raising / lowering the product or manually lowering / raising the lid, the toilet seat. Some manufacturers have already provided for disabling this function in the toilet seat with a microlift;
  • special products with built-in bidets can be additionally equipped with lighting, heated water and even a hair dryer;
  • automatic settings of some designs provide for self-cleaning, heated surface. Moreover, such devices are usually easily removed and put on plumbing.

Fans of non-standard products can choose a toilet seat with modes: automatic air aromatization, hydromassage, radio.




In unheated rooms, additional comfort will provide a heated toilet seat.

Sometimes, for convenient control of such units, special consoles are offered, which are fixed on the side of the toilet bowl.



If the product is simply updated, it is important to carefully remove the old cover, so as not to damage the mounting holes on the plumbing. A similar scenario is possible if the mountings were metal and rusty from moisture. In this case, the bolts are carefully cut with a grinder or hacksaw. Then the mounting holes are thoroughly cleaned of dirt / rust.



Now the toilet seats are equipped with plastic hinges, which facilitates the process of assembly / disassembly of products.

The lid is applied to the toilet bowl, while the fixtures must accurately go into the corresponding holes. The design is slightly pushed forward and then the nuts are tightly tightened. Such actions will allow the lid to be in a raised state for a long time.




How to choose a toilet seat?

Some manufacturers offer complete with sanitary ware toilet seat. However, if the toilet is not equipped with a seat, then it is easy to get it yourself.

  1. First you need to choose the type of model - soft or hard. It should be remembered that soft products have a short service life.
  2. To make the model ideally suited to the plumbing, it is necessary to choose the right one for the toilet in size. The dimensions of the plumbing are measured: the distance from the center of the hole for fixing to the front edge of the toilet bowl, the width of the toilet bowl (from edge to edge). It is also important to measure the distance between the holes for fastening the seat.
  3. Cover color should be in harmony with the color scheme of the room. It is better if the shade of the seat coincides with the shade of the plumbing, although sometimes a black seat with a white toilet looks very original. A wooden toilet seat harmonizes perfectly with any decor.
  4. For small children, you can choose a special lining for the toilet with a picture.
  5. If you want to put a seat with additional functions (at least - with a closer), then you need to understand that each option costs money. When buying such models, you must make sure that the toilet seat with the lifter is operational.

If the new plumber is not equipped with a seat, you can first install an inexpensive modest model. If you wish to equip the toilet with any miracle of technology, you need to accurately represent the functional features of the device and be sure to make accurate measurements of plumbing before purchasing and installing it.