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Mint color in the interior (19 photos): beautiful shades and successful combinations with other colors


Making the interior unique means making it unusual with color. You can sort out combinations of classic shades, you can play with contrasts, and you can choose something in between - a little creative and a little standard, a little airy and a little fantasy. An example of this is the mint color in the interior, which is capable of becoming fabulous in combination with terracotta in Provence style, exquisite - with steel in minimalism, luxurious - with Bordeaux in baroque style. Dare!

A kind of pastel greens, lightness and a slight note of freshness - this is the mint color. No one can say why this color was named that way: maybe “in honor of” mint, although its shade is slightly different, maybe - “in honor of” the taste qualities of mint sweets. After all, they give spring mood, freshness, lightness, full enjoyment of the moment.

A unique mint color in the interior can focus attention on itself, being the main, “central” color in which walls or furniture sets are decorated, for example. He is also an auxiliary note in the form of bright accessories, textiles, upholstery on some of the pieces of furniture. It is possible to beat dozens of elegant, aristocratic, laconic or bold options of mint with the help of one of its shades. Here you need to pay attention to the result you want to achieve.




Top 5 features of the use of mint shade in the interior, or the rules have rules

In order for the mint color in the interior to give peace and a welcoming mood, to become a certain color of creation and at the same time complete relaxation, do not forget about the intricacies. They will help to recreate exactly the mood and energy that you dreamed of!

So the mint color is:

  1. Dominant. In this case, the choice should be made in favor of its less saturated hue, more pastel notes. The original idea is to combine mint wallpaper with milky white, cream or turquoise hues. In this case, the room will acquire a deep lightness, full meaning, will give maximum comfort during rest. An important "trick" is the lighting: the streams of natural light or artificial lighting can make the mint radiant and creamy-air or, on the contrary, harsh and unsightly;
  2. Auxiliary shade. Mint color in this case will not play the role of a contrast, but will become a kind of unifying start in the interior with lilac, violet, maroon and other rich shades. A rich color palette of the room "will require" lightness, airiness and a breath of freshness, so mint will be the way;
  3. Versatility. Despite the fact that the mint interior you will see in the application is not often, it is a classic of the genre, and not the exception. Do not be afraid of the new, you should abandon the standards and canons, arrange your own housing the way you feel !;
  4. Mood. A large-sized decorative vase, a chair cushion made from mint-colored fabric, a wooden shelf painted in mint color are intriguing home furnishings. Experiment and you will be surprised as the only object, accessory, able to dispel the practicality and functionality of modern styles, bring warmth and softness to a room in a national or natural style, become a focal point in one of the interiors of historical styles. At the same time, mint will always be appropriate everywhere, as it will bring with it a bit of warmth and good privacy, lightness and airiness, kindness and tranquility;
  5. Style. What were the interiors a couple of decades ago? All beige, which did not give anything except gloom: beige-brown "Trembita", the same curtains and capes on upholstered furniture, striped wallpaper. Tastes "with a squeak" began to change, and more often it was possible to notice in the design either standard-classical shades or boldly bold ones, which were more likely to be challenged by others than by a particle of room harmony. The mint shade brought to the room a life and powerful energy of a positive, light touch of friendship, simplicity in communication. It is worth being one step ahead!




Mint and living spaces, or a special color in the bedroom and nursery

It is fresh, but moderately, calmly, but the mint color in the interior of a bedroom or children's room should look as positively positive. Here it is appropriate to use the mint "parts", to focus attention on the bright aspects, and not to make it the main tone of the room. Therefore, the best option is a decorative wall panel, an interior item, a pair of chairs or other mint focal point. For adults, the mint bedroom can be combined with cream - to calm the nervous system, with red, turquoise and yellow - to create a positive energy in the bedroom in the style of shebbi-chic or retro, with chocolate, steel, snow-white - for prim-chamber atmosphere bedroom of one of the modern styles.




The living room is a room, the first of which includes every guest of your family. It begins with her knowledge of style and taste preferences in the interior of the owners, familiarity with the style and decoration of the entire house or apartment. And mint here is an unsurpassed leader able to spark with energy, positive moments, enchant and bewitch with freshness and "moderate" velvety!