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Coral color in the interior (18 photos): successful combinations


Today, coral color is very popular in Western Europe and is widely used in interior design. But in our country it is not so much in demand and completely in vain. After all, the coral color in the interior is able to give any room an individual, unique look. Whether it is a living room, bedroom or nursery, kitchen, bathroom or utility room. The time has come for us to get acquainted with amazing coral color.

The pink-orange-red color is associated with the color of red corals, and therefore it is called "coral". This color has several shades and depends on the degree of brightness and saturation of its components. Depending on the shade, the coral color can be bright, light or dark.

Light pink-orange tones are soft, warm, calm, a little flirty, sweet. Kitchens - the best place to use a light coral color.

Coral color in the interior has several features:

  • This color gives off heat. Excess of coral color in the interior can lead to the fact that the atmosphere in the room will become "hot" and "stuffy." To prevent this, it is necessary to dilute the coral with colder shades. For example, when decorating the kitchen. And you can artificially "warm" the room, painting the walls in coral, or pasting them with wallpaper of this color. And also, adding a variety of parts and accessories, made in coral tones.
  • Visually approximates objects. Therefore, it is not necessary in the small room to glue coral-colored wallpaper on all walls. Since this room will seem even smaller. In this case, it is best to use a combination of several colors, where the coral will act as a bright accent (panels, abstract fragments, wallpaper on one of the walls).
  • Coral color, in a large number of it, becomes too intrusive and boring. Much better this color looks in fine details (curtains, furniture, accessories, wallpaper with a coral-colored ornament). Contrast emphasis on the details - the main vocation color corals. There may be a lot of such accents. They should be different in texture and size.
  • Coral color - color-chameleon. The same shade of coral may be perceived in one case red, and in the other - pink-peach. Therefore, using coral color in the interior, it is necessary to take into account all the sources of light in the room, as well as the interaction of this color with the neighboring colors. In the end, the room should not be too dark, or vice versa - brightly screaming.




Coral color in the interior should be its "highlight", and not the dominant. If it is decoration of walls - one wall of coral shade is enough as a contrast with other walls. Or - decor panels. If this wallpaper is better than a neutral color with a floral motif, or a lace ornament of coral color. The floor or ceiling in coral tones is enough. The image will be completed with other accents of various shades of coral (furniture, curtains, accessories, etc.)






Combination with other colors

It is very important to make the right choice in relation to colors that are adjacent to shades of coral color. After all, well-chosen colors-neighbors will provide the interior with a picturesque contrast and give it sophistication. And for this you just need to know which of the colors of the spectrum are well combined with shades of coral color.