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Dressing table in the interior (20 photos): original design solutions


When planning an interior in the bedroom, any girl is in a hurry to take care of arranging her special corner in her, inaccessible for anyone except her - a dressing table. You can use it in so many ways: from makeup and hairstyles to work on a laptop. This is the so-called female mini-office, which is also multifunctional. Therefore, it should be roomy and have a mirror.



There are many types of such furniture on sale, you can choose:

  1. Classic tables look like a regular table with a mirror fixed on top. They are equipped with drawers and nightstands to save many women's accessories.
  2. Trellis - a table with a tricuspid mirror. The mobility of the side parts allows you to change the angle of their placement, which will give an opportunity to examine yourself from all sides.
  3. Dressing table with a mirror. Here, the pierum can be of different sizes, depending on the area of ​​the room and the features of the design solution.

Most often install a dressing table in the bedroom. This is a privacy room, hidden from others, so nothing will prevent a woman from perk up here. And if you choose the right table in style and color, it will also become a source of inspiration and pleasant relaxation.

For a small room, a compact dressing table will be just right. This may be an unusual pierum in the form of a folding table. The mirror in this case can be hung on the wall.

Another way to save space in the bedroom can be a dressing table instead of bedside tables. Or another option is to install a miniature table near the wall with a narrow tabletop. In both cases, the mirror is placed on the wall.



Dressing table in the large bedroom

Tables in such rooms should not be mini-sizes, usually they are equipped with several convenient drawers, their design can be chosen at will. Table layout options are also diverse. Since they require good lighting, a window seat will be the most suitable for them. But in any case, the addition of artificial light will not be superfluous. Therefore, you can get a luxurious desk lamp, which will give splendor to the interior of the room. And in addition to this design in white with glossy surfaces will be the best way to organize the room.




Where else are the dressing tables

A suitable location for this type of furniture for elegant ladies is a dressing room. This is very practical, as it is possible to install a table of any size. Interior design in white color will expand the space and add air to a small room. And it would be good to supplement it with a large pierum, which would allow at the same time to try on the outfit, evaluate it in the mirror and immediately look after the addition in the form of makeup.

In the hallway or the hall put a small dressing table for storing the most necessary things that are used by almost the whole family. The most important thing is that it does not violate the style agreement of these rooms.

What types of dressing tables are available?

For lovers of sophisticated modern things, designers offer to choose a wrought-iron dressing table. Such an interior item will find the best reflection in the room, mostly white. The dark furniture with black inserts on a light background will look elegantly shaped. And the space and lighting in such a room will immediately become significantly more.

In a fairly dark or spacious rooms have to install a dressing table with light. This can be either the use of a conventional table lamp, or built-in light bulbs directly into a mirror or trellis. The second way of lighting is expensive, but by giving the atmosphere an atmosphere of mystery and romance, it pays for itself. The first method is the most common to organize a dressing table with light.