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Acrylic sink in the house: the advantages and features of the material (30 photos)


Increasingly, the acrylic sink can be found today in the bathroom or in the kitchen of apartment owners of very different levels of comfort. The reason for this - the properties of this sanitary ware, entirely determined by the material of its manufacture, which serves as an artificial acrylic stone. It was named acrylic because its production uses a special acrylic-based plastics mass, which has a modified polymerization kinetics, as a result of which the formation of pores in the resulting material is eliminated, and its physical and chemical indicators are improved.




An interesting feature of acrylic plastic is that after its polymerization, monomers (low molecular weight compounds) are practically not observed in the resulting products. As a result, such plumbing products have a high biological indifference to many biological objects. It also has less toxicity than polyester / epoxy resin based products.

It is also important that in its composition there is no styrene, the daily inhalation of vapors of which can lead to serious diseases that can turn into chronic illnesses over time.




In the manufacture of artificial stone other than acrylic resin, another important component is mineral filler in the form:

  • quartz sand;
  • marble or granite chips;
  • microcalcite or other natural material.



Characteristics of sanitary products from acrylic

Acrylic sinks for the bathroom and also acrylic sinks for the kitchen are in ever-increasing demand. And the reason for their popularity is that they possess:

  • high strength;
  • low weight;
  • resistance to alkalis, as well as to acids (as a result, on the surface, for example, acrylic sinks do not remain stains from the products);
  • moisture resistance (especially acrylic shells coated with hydrophobic compounds);
  • the ability to eliminate the effects of thermal effects (by treating the damaged surface with fine-grained emery paper and applying subsequent polishing);
  • ease of maintenance (acrylic stone sink, used as a sink or washbasin, can be cleaned with any household detergent);
  • resistance to shocks (a sink made of acrylic will not crack when a heavy, hard object falls into it, unlike a similar product made of earthenware or porcelain);
  • property not to absorb odors;
  • hygiene (the surface of the sinks of artificial stone is absolutely smooth, there are no pores and microcracks, where dirt accumulates most often, and bacteria, microbes and mold find shelter);
  • resistance to elevated temperatures (acrylic sink will not suffer if boiling water is poured into it);
  • ecological purity (during the operation of products from acrylic there is no release of harmful substances);
  • the ability to connect acrylic products without seams (for example, to combine the sink with the table top);
  • a variety of color and design solutions (allowing you to choose a sanitary product that will best meet your aesthetic needs).



Due to excellent consumer qualities, acrylic plumbing is used in many cases, both in everyday life and in various enterprises. Below are some of its uses.

  1. Kitchen sinks. In this case, the use of artificial stone is the best solution, since it is extremely resistant to pollution and all sorts of dyes, withstands even the effects of aggressive household chemicals.
  2. Wash basins and sinks in the bathroom. Here, hygiene is of paramount importance, and the ability not to deteriorate from the action of hot water / steam. Care of such products is also simple, due to the low porosity of the material from which they are made.
  3. Plumbing in hospitals, dispensaries and other medical institutions. The artificial stone is easily cleaned from dirt, it does not serve as the soil for the development of bacteria due to the lack of pores in it, it can withstand rather difficult disinfection procedures.
  4. Sinks in public toilets. Here, their high impact strength and the property of repulsion of dirt, as well as the ease of cleaning, are even more important than in the living space of a person: in the kitchen, in the bathroom, in the toilet. The material used in products operated in public use places is under maximum load. And acrylic stone in this case is the best choice.
  5. Design projects. Frequent use of acrylic in this case is associated with the possibility of its softening when heated to 150-180 ° C, when it is able to take on virtually any shape. As a result, you can create a sink not of a standard rectangular, square or round shape, but, for example, a curvilinear, asymmetrical, imitating an object. The plasticity of a material such as acrylic allows you to diversify the interior of bathrooms and kitchens. Not only sinks and sinks can be made of artificial stone for these premises, but also floor stands, tabletops, facades, and so on.




Acrylic shell installation options

Acrylic shells can be divided into the following types, which differ in the method of mounting:

  • false acrylic shells;
  • recessed acrylic shells;
  • cantilever acrylic shells attached to the wall (the most popular option, featuring maximum compactness);
  • washbasins made of artificial stone on a pedestal (these models have an acrylic column in which siphons and supply pipes can be hidden);
  • acrylic sinks with a cabinet (the latter may be with doors, with or without shelves, etc., but they are rarely installed in the kitchen due to the fact that it is difficult to ensure their combination with the other elements of the kitchen set).

The installation of the shell sink is made into a hole in the countertop previously cut under its corresponding dimensions, and when the embedded shell is mounted, it connects to the countertop material, as a rule, flush and without seams.




Also today it is possible to order an acrylic sink in the bathroom or in the kitchen according to individual parameters. At the same time, taking into account the data set out in the project submitted by the customer, the firms specializing in the manufacture of acrylic plumbing can make the products required by the customers of any color, as well as of arbitrary shape. The custom-made acrylic sink can be a single whole with some other products, giving the interior of the bathroom / kitchen a finished, sophisticated and elegant look. The richness of the color range of materials from acrylic is provided by the possibility of adding to the basic composition of a wide variety of color pigments.




Customers, choosing a sink to order, can order models that can be installed directly below some of the units, including washing machines. Most often the acrylic sink, which provides the possibility of placing a washing machine under it, is mounted in bathrooms or kitchens of small sizes. In this case, the order must indicate both the dimensions of the client’s washing machine and the desired dimensions of the sink above it, in order to provide the manufacturer with a combination of the dimensions of all the components. If a sink made of artificial stone is installed above the washing machine, then the latter should be able to front loading. The accompanying documentation for this type of sinks usually indicates which models of washing machines and which manufacturers can be installed under them.




Acrylic Sink Reviews

Although this type of sanitary products does not belong to the category of cheap goods, its consumer demand continues to grow. Many satisfied with the acquisition of the hostess, communicating with each other on the forums, share only positive impressions about the purchased product. In the overwhelming majority of cases, they leave exclusively benevolent reviews on the sites of manufacturers of acrylic shells.




Consumers are satisfied with both the quality of the sinks and their long service life, noting that even after serving seven or eight years, the shells in most cases are little different from the newly purchased such items. Comparing the acrylic shells with similar products from other commonly used materials, the hostesses praise the design excellence, the absence of noise from the flow of water, the protection of stains during operation, and the ease of maintenance. Other customers, having installed a sink in the kitchen or in the bathroom in such a way that a washing machine can be positioned under it, rejoice in the resulting convenience and economical use of the free space of these rooms, as well as the resulting compactness of equipment placement and aesthetic appearance.