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Glass shelves in the interior (54 photos): types, design and location

Glass furniture looks elegant and stylish, so it fits perfectly into any modern interior. Therefore, glass shelves on the wall, which can withstand considerable loads, despite the apparent fragility, have become fashionable. They fit especially well in the design of small rooms, because they do not take space from the room because of their transparency.

The advantages of glass shelves

Glass shelves are ideal for placing books, luxury goods, dinner sets, crystal or simply beautiful tableware - all those things that the owner wants to decorate the interior. Transparent shelf allows you to freely view these items from all sides.

The main advantages of glass shelves:

  • glass, unlike wood, is not afraid of high humidity;
  • resistant to fungi and other microorganisms;
  • easy to clean (if the surface is not matted);
  • even the slightest pollution is clearly visible;
  • implementation of own design ideas is simplified;
  • good overview from any angle.

Glass shelves on the wall are not only for practical purposes, but also decorate the room in which they are located. They are perfectly combined with mirrors, increasing the amount of visible space, and if you put flowers on them - they do not obscure the sunlight. If the shelf is not sufficiently illuminated, you can complement its design with LED lighting, which makes it sparkle with all the colors of the rainbow.

What are the glass shelves

Since the functions of glass furniture are not only practical, but also aesthetic, there are various types of glass shelves for sale that will decorate any interior. In shape, it can be minimalist rectangles made of glass, corner shelf-triangles, classic “boxes”, modular designs or unusual figured shelves, emphasizing the features of the interior.

A variety of forms complement the various options for decorating the material itself:

  • toning;
  • facet edging;
  • matting, drawing pictures;
  • creative stained glass compositions;
  • LED lights.

To give the interior individuality, various design solutions are applied: a special shape of the shelves, glass bent at high temperatures, a combination of elements of different thickness, color and texture, forged fasteners made of metal. In a fashion also the various options of illumination which are perfectly combined with glass and the accompanying materials.

Previously, the lighting of the shelves was carried out on low-power lamps, which consumed a lot of electricity and occasionally failed. Thanks to the development of technology, white light-emitting diodes have come to replace the lamps, which fit more organically into any decor. Small LEDs consume significantly less power and are distinguished from lamps for high durability.

Functionality and method of placement


The first thing any regiment is associated with is books. Therefore, it is for books that the assortment of shelves is the most extensive. You can choose models of the classical form, wall mini-wardrobes or stylish shelf towers that save space on the wall and harmoniously fit into any design.

Glass shelves for books in any interior look more elegant than wood, especially if you place them on various decorative items, collectibles, cups, awards and other personal values. Since books can be quite massive, the shelves for them are usually made of tempered glass, which allows them to withstand up to 15 kilograms.

TV glass shelf

A stylish glass shelf will allow you to install a TV without using traditional fasteners and will perfectly fit into any modern interior. The main thing is to make it from high-quality and durable glass.

The range of suitable shelves is very extensive. Especially well looked tinted models, as well as the combined design of glass and wood or glass and metal. For those who want to equip a stylish home theater, modular shelves are available for sale. They provide space for TV, as well as special offices, which will accommodate a DVD-player and a selection of your favorite CDs.

Flower shelves

Beautiful flower arrangement can transform any interior. In modern decor, the flowers fit most harmoniously, being located on a glass shelf. The range of such flower shelves is also very diverse. There are high floor-to-ceiling florists, regular glass shelves on the wall, and special models designed to be placed in front of the window.

Using glass shelves to realize your creative ideas, you can create in the apartment a real greenhouse from a large number of colors, since glass practically does not create obstacles to sunlight. In the design of flower shelves made of glass, angular and pendant models look good, well decorated with their forged elements.

Hinged glass shelves

These unusual shelves are fastened not directly to the wall, but to the ceiling - with the help of special hangers, which allow you to adjust their height at any time. The most stylish mounted models are made so that it seems as if they are hanging in the air without supports. In this style, you can arrange bookshelves or flower shelves that will allow you to create beautiful compositions that do not aggravate the design of the room.

Glass shelves in the bathroom

A bathroom cannot do without glass shelves, since most other materials do not tolerate moisture very well, and even plastic products in such conditions deteriorate very quickly. Glass also has absolute stability, any dirt is perfectly visible on it, and it is easily washed off. Therefore, all shower accessories are traditionally located on glass shelves of various shapes.

To hide some intimate details will help decorative shelves, equipped with an additional curtain of oilcloth, and forged elements will help to decorate them. If you need to place some massive objects in a bathroom, pay attention to strong and stable corner shelves. They are installed easily, they look stylish and at the same time perform both a decorative function and a practical one.

Shelves made of glass with proper selection will be one of the most successful elements of any interior. The space for the implementation of creative ideas here is just limitless. They can decorate the walls in the hall or any other room, why the overall design of the room will benefit. Thanks to the richness of the assortment on the market today, modern notes can be added to any interior.

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