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Interior of the dressing room (26 photos): spectacular design projects


The interior in a modern apartment, even in a small or one-room apartment, must meet the basic requirements of functionality and practicality. Therefore, the best way to meet these requirements is the organization of a separate room for the dressing room. After all, sometimes it takes so much time to systematize things on the shelves of a small cabinet. It is often forgotten that where it lies, and when a thing is needed, its long and painful search begins. The design of the dressing room - in a separate room or in a niche - something that you need to think about.

Many lucky women who have already furnished their apartment with a dressing room call this place a large closet in which to walk. So it is in essence, only in contrast to a small cabinet, this one is of gigantic size. No, of course, you can stay in a narrow niche, if you are a supporter of minimalism. But the dressing room projects should provide enough space to move freely around it, to have access to all cabinets, to try on things so that, if necessary, there is where to sit and fix things with your own hands, to make minor modifications to the image. For this purpose, square. m wardrobe must still be a soft stool or ottoman, you can do it yourself. Therefore, less than six square meters can not do. And it will be a very small, narrow dressing room in the apartment.

As a rule, for a woman a dressing room in an apartment is not just a place where all her dresses hang. It is also a peculiar corner for relaxation. After all, nothing inspires a woman more than the look of beautiful clothes and shoes. This picture can be admired endlessly. Therefore, the interior of the dressing room is very important.






Often when designing apartments in her square. m laid a small closet, originally intended to store household items or as a small laundry. So, if you are lucky, and at home there is such a room, it will be convenient to remake it yourself under the dressing room. More options:

  • If the apartment projects, including the one-room apartment, provided for a guest bathroom, but there is no closet or niche, then you can donate them.
  • You can place a dressing room in a niche.
  • If the ceilings are high, then in the nursery you can solve the problem with the baby’s wardrobe very simple. It is necessary to raise the sleeping place higher, so that he could climb up the ladder there, and under the bed in the resulting niche put a spacious wardrobe, where all the child’s clothes will be kept in perfect order. If the size of the room allows, you can even make a small separate room with your own hands as a dressing room.
  • If your square. there are no separate rooms at all, then you can “bite off” a piece of the bedroom or living room, reducing their area, but getting a separate dressing room.
  • You can expand the wardrobe in a niche by turning it into a small dressing room with your own hands. Such projects require a small system of interconnected shelving, shelves and cabinets. All this is installed along the wall in the bedroom or where there is a closet. The most traditional system in our country is a few wardrobes nearby. But now such a system is becoming obsolete due to its low rationality and impracticality - it takes up too many square meters of an apartment.

It should be noted that modern storage systems are so functional and thought out that they allow you to organize a dressing room in an apartment of literally any size and shape. If you managed to allocate an area of ​​7 meters, and it is angular, then you can order storage systems under the order - and the entire wardrobe will be comfortably and rationally placed.

It is believed that the minimum area of ​​the dressing room, which can be called good, is eight square meters. Of course, excellent, if you can afford a large area, but eight is already good. All beautifully fit into these little square. m. And the place will remain to change clothes and dress up in front of a mirror.

Ideally, if the dressing room in the apartment is located right next to the bedroom, it is good if a direct door leads into it. Worse, if to get to the dressing room, you will need to cross the whole apartment from the bedroom. Such a layout of your square. m makes it difficult to get a morning to work.






Principles of planning

Now, in most cases, for arranging a dressing room, even in a closet or in a niche, special storage systems of various sizes, carefully designed by designers and designers, are used. Advantages of storage systems:

  • Designs are prefabricated. If necessary, they can be easily dismantled and reassembled in a new place. Also, sections can be swapped by the type of designer, adjusting them to the wardrobe space. This helps to plan the room in the most rational way, which is especially important for a small area of ​​a one-room apartment and for a corner dressing room.
  • In modern designs, there are necessarily built-in rails for clothes. It is convenient for a small dressing room, and for a decent size.
  • Special compartments for small items: sock, linen, accessories.
  • Many shelves and shelves, cabinets of different sizes. Their number, location and depth can be chosen independently, based on their needs and the size of the dressing room.
  • The usual material for cabinets and shelves in the dressing room - chipboard. But if finances allow, of course, no one forbids making them from solid wood. The layout of all structures provides for the absence of rear walls. All shelves and racks tightly adjacent to the walls.
  • If the dressing room is small in size and needs to be made as ergonomic as possible, in this case it is usually excluded all closed wardrobes. And all designs consist only of open shelving and shelves. It is also quite convenient, it is not necessary to open and close the doors, which saves time. If necessary, they can be removed and do it yourself.







Design Tips

  • If you choose shelves and cabinets of noble dark woods or their imitation, then in this case it is better to paint the walls with your own hands in a light delicate color. Such a contrast will look fresh and modern. In addition, the size of the room visually increases. Another option is to arrange the whole room in a single color scheme - better than soft, pastel colors.
  • Pay special attention to the room lighting. It is unacceptable that the dressing room was dark and gloomy. Be sure to think about lighting cabinets, especially if they are deep enough or are in a niche. This is also relevant for the corner dressing room.
  • If you allow square. m and the style of the room, it is desirable to establish in the center of the island of small size. It is convenient to store bags and accessories on it, and under glass on the top panel there can be a special showcase for jewelry. In this case, you will perfectly see all your accessories, jewelry and jewelry, which is very convenient.
  • Provide a separate shoe rack in the niche. You can do it yourself. It is advisable to place it away from the shelves with linen.
  • Planning must necessarily provide a mirror. If it is not possible to install a separate one, even if the cabinet doors are mirrored.
  • If you make all or some of the shelves glass, then the whole room will look airy and give a feeling of light and lightness.
  • If you can, think about placing a dressing table, you can in a niche. It will be very convenient to immediately dress and do makeup.
  • Sliding doors in wardrobes are preferable. This saves square. m and looks more stylish.
  • If the apartment has an incomprehensible destination niche or unnecessary angle, be sure to use it for arranging a dressing room. This can immediately kill two birds with one stone - and eliminate the design error and get a useful room.