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Design options stretch ceiling in the kitchen, the pros and cons of the ceiling (23 photos)


The interior of any room in the apartment has its own characteristics. Stretch ceiling in the kitchen performs a dual role. On the one hand for the small kitchen in the Khrushchev can develop an exclusive design. On the other hand, to close all the irregularities and shortcomings of the concrete surface.

In contrast to suspended plasterboard ceilings, the tension structures have certain advantages. They contain modern ideas and technologies. By developing the design of the room, you can choose any color of the material and the optimal location of the lamps. Lighting in the kitchen should be sufficient.

Comparing the pros and cons should be noted the following positive properties of the stretch ceiling:

  • it is quickly mounted even from gypsum cardboard;
  • allows you to develop a design for any interior;
  • glossy or frosted ceiling; easy to clean;
  • service life of 20 years.

Choosing the best ideas you need to weigh not only the obvious advantages, but also take into account the natural lighting in the kitchen.

To make a rational interior in the Khrushchev kitchen you can use different types of materials for the ceiling with a pattern or without decoration. Ideas and options are different. For a small kitchen with a gas stove, it is better to use a drywall construction or choose a multi-level option. Which design is better to choose where to place the lamps decides the owner.





What design to choose

The interior of a small kitchen in Khrushchev make rationally. If the window faces the sunny side, then the color of the stretch ceiling can be chosen both black and green, and with a pattern. Optimal lighting depends on how to place lamps on the ceiling, what types to choose. Ceilings are divided into the following types:

  • glossy;
  • matte;
  • fabric

Each of them has certain disadvantages and advantages.

The most creative design of a small kitchen in Khrushchev make with the material from which the stretch ceiling will be mounted. You can install the design of drywall. It is convenient to mount spotlights. The disadvantages of this solution are that the height of the kitchen is reduced by 7 - 10 cm. The glossy or matte ceiling tension PVC film. You can install the cheapest - fabric. Satin or polymeric impregnated fabric.

Creative design can be designed to use two-level solutions with lighting elements. The power of the light bulb and the color of the ceiling is selected individually. Spotlights help to create a creative kitchen interior. Glossy material has a high reflectivity. Fabric stretch ceiling can be of any color, even black or green. White fabrics are more popular.






Installation of stretch ceiling

The interior of the kitchen consists of several elements. The color and quality of the furniture, the shape and arrangement of the luminaires, the matte, glossy or fabric ceiling create a certain atmosphere in the room. Design ideas and the best design options can be found on the Internet. It is easy to find, but the final decision is always made independently. The construction of drywall more simple, but the combined or two-level ceilings look more attractive. There are no flaws.

In order for the interior to meet certain requirements, it is important not only to choose a suitable design, but also to make a high-quality installation of the ceiling. The first step is to make the layout of the room. Regardless of which lamps are selected, these devices should not be placed above the gas stove. In this case, the lighting should be sufficient. The ceiling of plasterboard is often made multi-level with internal illumination.

When installing a two-level construction of plasterboard or PVC film, it is necessary to maintain the distance from the main ceiling to the tensioned surface. It is very important to prepare a fabric or PVC ceiling under the location of the lamps. The markup must be done accurately. The location of the fasteners clearly marked. Pencil color is better to choose black.

Stretch ceiling in the kitchen is installed in a short time. A variety of ideas and projects are best implemented by professionals. No matter what color the fabric ceiling has, the mounting system is of two types:

  • harpoon;
  • wedge-shaped.

The main thing - to properly position the fasteners. Ceilings of any design, combined or two-level mounted with the use of heat gas gun.






Lighting in the kitchen should be balanced. Looks beautiful black or green ceiling, which scattered spotlights. Two-level and combined designs with light are also good. However, in the daytime over the gas stove should not be twilight. Natural lighting is better than artificial. A colored satin ceiling creates an indoor atmosphere on a sunny day.

Spotlights have their advantages and disadvantages. The downsides are that they create diffuse type lighting. Some residents prefer to choose white colors in the design of the kitchen and chandeliers with lamps of high power. Matt white surfaces reflect luminous flux less than a glossy black ceiling. You can choose a color option. It is important to remember that the maximum power of the lamps should not exceed 60 watts. And what could be the result of non-compliance with this condition.

All projects, even the best, have their drawbacks. Black and green in the design are considered stylish. But the downsides are that with this choice, more powerful spotlights are required. When using them, additional thermal insulation is required. White, two-level ceilings have good reflectivity. Combined ceilings allow the use of both black and green material without increasing the power of the lamps.




Combined ceilings combined different design ideas. No matter what kind of ceiling, green or white, you have to take care of it - wipe, eliminate soot and dust. Do this using ordinary detergents. Given the location of lamps.