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Apartment in loft style (28 photos): features of modern design


Loft - a modern interior design, which is characterized by an abundance of space and the absence of partitions. Loft is a bit like minimalism and is the opposite of art deco.

The English term loft means loft. To originate this apartment design began in America 40s. During this period, production gradually moves outside the city. As a result, empty properties and dwellings are beginning to be given to dwelling properties. The rooms, where the walls were bare brick, were for managers not only housing, but also a place for a cabinet, here they presented their projects, held exhibitions. Over time, this type of housing became popular among businessmen, bankers, politicians. Thanks to them, the loft design has found new elements and features - expensive furniture, appliances and decor.

The living room occupies the largest area of ​​a one-room studio apartment. The loft-style living room has large windows and high ceilings. There is a brick or concrete on the walls. Also suitable wallpaper with a print "brickwork", plain gray wallpaper. The main elements of the living room - huge sofas with leather upholstery. Also suitable furniture upholstered in expensive textiles. The sofas are the center of the studio apartment. Furniture in the living room, such as soft armchairs and ottomans, will not be superfluous. Massive furniture should not be in the room. Books and other items are in niches and on shelves. Elements such as black and white photographs and paintings can complement the interior. There are no curtains on the windows. They can be replaced by blinds. Sand shades are acceptable. Lamps are an obligatory source of light.





In the interiors, loft kitchens take up a bit of space. In a small one-room apartment kitchen furniture is located in one of the corners of the living room. Since there are no doors, a powerful hood is required for the kitchen.

The loft-style kitchen area is an abundance of glass, chrome, dishes have a simple design. Two walls on which there is a bare brick, form an area for cooking.

Table and chairs fit in the style of minimalism. Kitchen lighting should be abundant. It is provided by built-in lights and lamps. Studio apartment kitchens traditionally illuminate long fluorescent lamps.

For the decoration of the windows of the kitchen, you can use single-color curtains or blinds. Curtains may be completely absent.




The bedroom space of a studio apartment is zoned by an opaque partition. To do this, you can use frosted glass, curtains, a screen, a regular wall. The walls of the bedroom can be painted in soothing shades to make this place more comfortable. On one of the walls may be wallpaper.

Retractable wardrobes are ideal for a small bedroom in a loft style. The head of the bed can be in art deco style. If you still need a closet, it is better to choose furniture for the entire wall of the bedroom. A fireplace will also be appropriate, brick is traditionally used for its laying. Bedrooms can decorate flowers and other furnishings. Small lamps will provide an intimate atmosphere.




The bathroom should have brick or concrete on the walls, decorative elements and furniture made of steel, chrome and glass. For zoning a bathroom, use ordinary walls or a glass partition. Monochrome tiles are suitable as floor coverings. The bathroom is allowed and a shower and a large bath. The sink can be modern or retro. Interior bathroom can be supplemented with shelves of glass.

For lighting the bathroom suitable spotlights.

Bathroom doors should be minimalist. Suit plain options without unnecessary details. Bathroom doors can be in brown and gray.




In the nursery, concrete walls can be painted. Also suitable wallpaper light gray. In the nursery, you can use such furniture - fancy-shaped sofas, bean bags of bright color. In a small room, such objects can help to emphasize the style of the room - a beautiful rug or an art object on the wall. Bed and table in the nursery should be in the style of minimalism. Lamps are required above the table and near the bed.

The bed of a small children's room or a one-room apartment can be combined into a two-tier structure. On the first floor there will be a table, on the second - a bed. Modern manufacturers make such compact furniture for the children's room.




Finishing materials also have their own characteristics and details:

  • walls - old wallpaper is removed from the walls and leave a bare brick or concrete. A layer of rough plaster is also suitable. Appropriate wallpaper will help reproduce the brickwork. They can be pasted over the office area;
  • if the floor is wooden, it is simply covered with a layer of varnish. Concrete floor is left in this form or put the floorboard;
  • doors should be simple, concise, extra details should be missing. Both metal and wooden doors will fit;
  • curtains in loft style replace blinds. This is especially true for the office. At night, the role of lighting is performed by lamps. The minimalist curtains made of lightweight fabrics are also allowed;
  • Ceilings should be white and even or in the form of wooden beams. White ceilings are required for the office.

There are a whole series of finishing materials that easily recreate the loft style in the interior - wallpaper, plaster, special types of parquet. If the loft design is too rough for you, you can create an art deco studio apartment. It combines modern and classic design. Art Deco is suitable for feminine natures who love luxury.