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We create a designer interior in the children's room of a narrow layout.


Not all apartments have the most ergonomic and comfortable layout. The width of some rooms resembles a narrow corridor and does not exceed two meters. But do not panic. Nothing will prevent the comfortable living of your boy or girl, even such a specific feature of the layout, as the narrowness of the space. With proper zoning and creative design, a harmonious atmosphere will prevail in the children's room that you will be proud of.










Every boy or girl in the nursery should have enough space for a wide variety of activities. The whole space should be as profitably planned as possible for the main activities of the child. Designers identify the following required areas of space for the child's activity:

  • A place to sleep and rest,
  • Play area
  • Corner for communication and reception,
  • Workplace,
  • Sports section.




It is logical and geometrically correct to divide a narrow rectangular room into two adjacent squares or to differentiate them visually with the help of drywall partitions. It will also be very useful if there are two children in the room, especially if they are opposite-sex. Shelves, unfolded consoles and shelves with books are also well strained with the space planning function. In addition, these furniture modules always look beautiful in any interior.

When zoning room space, make sure that partitions, screens, curtains, cabinets do not prevent the free passage of light to all areas of the nursery. And also make sure the safety of partition walls.






Interior solutions

Now, when the room is divided into two, you can run the design on both its halves. One should be taken as a place for rest and sleep, the other should be allocated for active activities, games and communication. If two or more children live in the nursery, then it will be logical to divide the room not into activity zones, but into areas of personal space for each child. This is especially important if children of different sexes live in the room. Do not be afraid of the narrowness of the narrow room. Even heterosexual children will be perfectly able to live together and find a common language with each other, if you competently conduct zoning of the room and take into account the opinion of each child when choosing a suitable interior.




Wallpaper selection

Use when decorating short walls wallpaper. Having selected the most appropriate pattern for them, you can visually “draw out” short walls. Having pasted long walls with wallpaper with a vertical pattern, you visually level the effect of the corridor.






You can divert attention from the narrowness of the room with the help of striped wallpaper. The logic of this design technique is very simple. Wallpaper with vertical stripes will visually make the space wider. Wall-paper with horizontal stripes will visually draw short walls. As for the appropriate material, the best option for the design of a child's room is paper wallpaper. They are safe and environmentally friendly.

Also for the walls, use drawings and applications, curtains with tassels and large soft toys.

On the floor is best to lay carpet or laminate. Soft carpeting will make the children's room more comfortable and comfortable for living and safe active games.




The crib should be farther from the door, as there is always an increased background sound near the door, and the child can wake up from a sudden noise. Near the window to sleep will be much more comfortable, calmer and more comfortable. If you turn on the fantasy and imagine yourself in the place of a sleeping child, you can imagine that it will be great to sleep behind a niche separated by a screen or curtains.

The atmosphere of a quiet hour and the natural process of falling asleep will be facilitated by an interesting and original nightlight with dimmed lighting.

In no case do not clutter up with unnecessary interior items and without that cramped room. It is not necessary to put extra furniture modules in the nursery, it is better to lay a fluffy and soft carpet on the floor and throw a lot of funny and interesting toys on it.




Remember that your child should change activity more often during the day. For regular physical education, install a sports module in the room (element of the wall). Put a chair or a soft bag for sitting in a children's drawing and study table. In choosing the furniture, you can show imagination at 100%, but do not forget that the furniture must be safe, devoid of sharp corners and slippery surfaces. In a small narrow room it is necessary to observe all precautions.

It is best to acquire practical transforming furniture for the literate setting of a child's room:

  • Folding, lifting or bunk bed,
  • Folding or folding table,
  • Countertop mounted on the cabinet.

Include in the children's interior for two boys, girls or heterosexual children a common desk. You can put it along the window or along the wall.






Design Ideas

The design of a rectangular and elongated room consists mainly in leveling long walls and visually increasing short ones. The easiest way to do this with the help of competent color distribution. Short walls should look as bright as possible, the color of long walls should be made in a muted color palette.



The classic color for boys is blue, green, blue, all colors of neutral, dull tones. Cream, beige shades, pink, light lilac are suitable for reclaiming a nursery for a girl. If children of different sexes live in one nursery, these shades can be harmoniously combined. Thus, both the girl and the boy will have several square meters of their own personal space.




If your baby is overactive and very mobile, then lighter pastel colors in the interior will contribute to his poise and plodding. And, on the contrary, in order to maintain the psychological tone of the phlegmatic and too calm child, use brighter shades in decorating and facing the children's room. In addition, it is worth adhering to the following recommendations:

  • The windows should be installed glazing.
  • Choose curtains from lightweight material. It is not necessary to hang thick curtains, they will block the path to natural light, and the room will create a dark atmosphere in an already narrow narrow space.
  • Lighting should not be aggressive. Put the necessary lighting modules in the area for rest and sleep, and in the area for games.
  • Finishing should be done with inexpensive but safe materials.

The child quickly grows and changes, and his room must be transformed to match the age.