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A private house is a great place to relax, but the maintenance of its backyard territory requires a lot of strength. It is necessary to constantly mow the grass, cut trees and shrubs. There are tools that can make these lessons easy and enjoyable. These are garden shears of various modifications.



Types of garden shears and basic selection criteria

Grass shears are mechanical and electrical. They are used to:

  • Care for flower beds, trim roses.
  • Formation of hedge and care for her.
  • Lawn mowers and any grass clippings.

How to choose a suitable model? Different types of work require different types of garden shears. For trimming lawn grass and crowns of coniferous shrubs, manual scissors with a wavy cutting edge are suitable. For soft leaves and branches suitable stubborn blade. To form a hedge it is better to use scissors and pruning shears.

On sale you can find garden tools from different manufacturers. The most popular ones are:

  • Fiskars;
  • Yato;
  • Intertool;
  • FELCO;
  • VerDi;
  • Verano.




Mechanical garden shears

Shears are usually lighter than electric shears, but much more is needed when working with them. In addition, they are cheaper than electric. Although the models of mechanical shears from different manufacturers can vary greatly in price. It also depends on the material of the scissors, and a set of additional functions.

Manual scissors Fiskars 1020478 have jagged blades 25 cm long. They do not damage the fabric of the treated tree branches. The scissors handle is made of impact-resistant plastic, so you can work with them in any weather, even in the rain.

Garden shears for cutting bushes and grass Fiskars PowerLeverTM 113710 are designed to handle hedges and lawn grass. Their cutting part can be adjusted by turning at the right angle, so cutting with lawn scissors is easy, no need to bend over low. Blades made of high strength stainless steel. During storage, they are blocked. The handle is made of reinforced fiberglass. Handles are long, 90 cm, tool width 20 cm, weight 1.4 kg.

Extra long scissors for grass Fiskars 113690 are equipped with a servo system that prevents pinching when cutting thick branches. You can even work with one hand. Leaning to the ground is also not necessary. Handle length 1 m. The cutting part rotates 360 °. The weight of scissors is only 600 g. Scissors are cut quickly and efficiently. Work is still better with gloves. The handle, although comfortable, can put pressure on a hand during long use. The model has a lock.

Greenmill Classic scissors weighing only 90 g are designed for floristic works. They are easy to hold in your hand thanks to the plastic lining on the steel handles. Blades made of high quality hardened steel. True, users note that the scissors' handles are too flexible, they do not hold the form, so they can be used only to cut flowers, cut off faded buds, prickles, spikes. Cutting flowers for bouquets, such scissors break the cut, so they remain beautiful for a long time.

Revolving garden shears provide for the possibility of turning the cutting unit 180 °. At the same time, it can be fixed in several positions, for example, through 45 °, as in the rotary shears Centrotool (0240). Their teflon-coated blades have a wave-like shape, which prevents the stalks of plants and tree branches from chewing. Handles of the device have protection for hands from injury by branches. The tool is intended for the formation of a hedge consisting of branches up to 4 mm thick and cutting grass. The scissors lock protects against injury by the blades when closed. Tool length 33 cm, cutting edge 13 cm, weight 400 g




The design of lever-driven brush cutters consists of two gear transmission mechanisms. One of them evenly distributes the effort, the second helps to stabilize the work when cutting strong tree branches. Lever drive distributes the efforts made by the gardener, along the entire length of the blades. It is convenient to cut the bushes with such scissors, to cut off trees, to form a hedge.

Lever-driven shears rating is headed by the Finnish model Fiskars HS52. Tool length 54 cm. Weight 0.6 kg. Stainless steel blades.

Garden shears from Polish grass manufacturer Flo, model 99301, with a total length of 32 cm and a blade length of 13.8 cm make it easy to handle flower beds, terraces or lawn sections. Blades are easy to use thanks to the Teflon coating. It protects the metal from corrosion, remains of grass and dirt do not stick to the working surface.

Electric scissors

Those who mow the lawn with mechanical scissors seem too heavy, it is better to purchase electric shears. In this case, the presence of a cord to connect with the outlet is not necessary. They are powered by lithium-ion batteries. Their operation time when fully charged is about 45 minutes. This charge is sufficient for processing a small area. Some manufacturers indicate the approximate length of the edge of the lawn, which can be processed for one charge.

Most of the cordless garden shears in the kit have knives for cutting grass and shrubs. They are made of durable hardened steel. With the help of such garden shears, you can effortlessly perform a curly edge of the lawn. Then, changing the knife, to form the crown of shrubs, giving them the desired shape. Battery scissors are quite light, their weight is, depending on the model, 0.5-1 kg. The replacement time for knives in modern models is no more than a minute. At the same time it is performed without the use of additional tools and equipment.

The rating of scissors is headed by the German model AL-KO Multi Cutter GS 3.7 Li. Its weight is 550 g. The length of the blades for cutting grass and bushes is 16 and 8 cm. They are intended for cutting curly grass and forming a hedge.




The model of garden shears GRUNTEK AS-3 is also equipped with a pair of knives: for cutting grass 11.58 cm long and for bushes 8 cm long. Li-ion 1.3 Ah batteries with a voltage of 3.6 V are not discharged during storage, do not have memorization effect. Tool weight 1 kg.

Battery scissors for cutting grass BOSCH ISIO with a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 1.3 Ah. A feature of the model is the BOSH SDS quick change knife system. The maximum charging time is 5 hours. During one charge, you can handle about 600 m of the edge of the lawn.

A bag for collecting mowed grass will allow you to combine a haircut with cleaning the site. In this case, the weight of the structure will increase slightly. A soft rubberized grip on the scissors handle, which does not allow the device to slide in your hands, will ease the work.

The disadvantage of this kind of devices can be considered that:

  • They need periodic recharging, which lasts about 5 hours.
  • They can not be used in places remote from electrical networks.

Usually, every home has power supplies, so there are very few places where they cannot be used.




Secateurs are designed to remove branches of small diameter. They may have removable blades, wire cutters, opening interlocks and anvils. Can be used for trimming hedges and forming crown bushes.

Professional pruner Fiskars P90 PRO 111960 has an ergonomic shape. Its blades are made of durable stainless steel with Teflon coating, the handles are made of polyamide, reinforced with fiberglass. The upper blade is removable. The length of the tool is 23 cm, the maximum cutoff diameter is 2.6 cm. There are wire cutters and a blocker.

The pruner Berger 1110 with a length of 22 cm is designed for cutting branches with a diameter up to 2 cm. The blades are made of forged steel with a corrosion-resistant coating, the handle is of forged aluminum. Weight pruner 230 g. Additionally, it is equipped with interchangeable blades, hook with a groove for drainage juice. There is a notch for cutting the wire, a clamp for safe transportation.

The pruner of the German manufacturer Original LOWE with an anvil has blades of tempered steel with teflon coating. Designed for cutting branches with a diameter of 2.5 cm. Tool weight 270 g.

Miol pruner with ratchet mechanism 99-010 can cut branches with a diameter of 3 cm. Tool length 20 cm. There is a plastic retainer.

High-altitude lopper (high-cut) Acapulco ZI 0937 (manufacturer Centroinstrument) is used for cutting branches at high altitude. The kit includes a retractable aluminum handle with a length of 235 cm. It allows you to cut branches at a height of up to 363 cm. The cutting part with attached shears can be installed in 8 positions. The tool can be cut branches. For this purpose, a half-meter saw. Weight cutting 2.2 kg. Users claim that holding it on an outstretched hand is not easy. In addition, they would like the folded handle to be shorter.

The telescopic handle of polyamide high-cut Fiskars 115562 is adjustable from 2.3 to 4.1 m. The blade is made of stainless steel, the maximum cutting diameter is 3.2 cm. The cutting part rotates 230 °. Weight cutting height 1.1 kg.

Choosing a tool to care for the site, taking into account the presence of trees on it, their height, the number of lawns, lawns, flower beds. Decide whether you need separate garden shears for mowing the lawn, ornamental shrubs and hedges, or you can do it alone. The right tool will make the care of the site easy and enjoyable, and the result will delight the owners and their guests.