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Jacquard curtains: luxurious textiles in the interior (23 photos)


Modern jacquard curtains are very different from other options for their appearance. They look great in the hall, in the children's room, in the living room and even in the kitchen. The cost of them is affordable, and the quality is top notch. These types of curtains fully meet all the criteria for what they are made for, because such models do not transmit light, have good durability, do not fade in the sun, are easy to wash and iron. They do not need special care.



Jacquard fabric, which is used for the manufacture of curtains, has modern patterns, pockets and various design attributes. Finished products can be hung in your apartment on holidays or used daily. It is with their help that the interior has perfection and originality. The presence of different colors allows you to use such curtains in the children's room, in the living room and even in the kitchen.



Features of Jacquard curtains

The main feature of Jacquard curtains is precisely in the fabric. It is created by separately weaving threads with different densities. Tens of years ago this fabric was actively used by people as a covering for various furniture. Over time, many designers realized that such material would look great in window openings. And still modern rolled curtains from Jacquard are perfectly combined with furniture and bed textiles.



Feature of jacquard curtains is that their models have a complex pattern and a large number of different small details. The base consists of synthetic and cotton fabrics, and the pattern itself is embroidered with the help of silk yarn, which results in a dazzling result.

Now there is a huge number of varieties of curtains from Jacquard. For this reason, you need to choose for yourself such a model that will be perfectly combined with the room where they will hang. Jacquard products allow you to achieve an excellent combination of colors in different interiors. Fabric can have various patterns, and it is possible to name types of such products:

  • Japanese species;
  • the bishop's sleeve;
  • sliding structures;
  • Italian;
  • roll;
  • sliding portieres;
  • roman



Modern jacquard curtains are different from other curtains such features:

  • small details;
  • complex patterns;
  • cotton and synthetic threads;
  • patterns created by silk yarn.

Thanks to the last feature fabric is obtained with a certain effect. In addition, Jacquard curtains with sateen, which can have brown, golden, gray, red and other colors, look original in the room.



Product advantages

If you look at the Jacquard curtains in a photo or in real time, then you can immediately notice what advantages and disadvantages it has. The first difference is the density of the product. In addition, such fabrics are single-layer and double-layer. All models will look great in the bedroom and in your personal account. Especially, if to use them together with sateen. The main advantages of this material include:

  • high strength;
  • opacity;
  • no burnout in the sun;
  • ease of use in everyday life.

The most attractive in these curtains is exactly the picture. It is made of numerous original patterns of different masters. The fabric itself is plastic. For this reason, the curtains drape well and have a beautiful look. One of the popular models are the Roman blinds, which are now sold at an affordable price.

The jacquard bleck is made of durability and is also easy to wash. The curtains themselves are very dense, so they perfectly protect the room from drafts and light. With the help of such products you can upgrade any room, because they fit into any interior. The main thing in this case is not to forget to choose the right tulle for them.

A beautiful jacquard blackout is great for the bedroom and living room. The fabric itself is dense, not transmitting light, and the jacquard pattern makes this product more elegant and sophisticated. If you use jacquard curtains with translucent white curtains, then this option will be the best solution for any bedroom.




Methods of use in the interior

Curtains with natcan drawings will look perfect in the hall. If you choose a model with a two-layer base and a full image, then this can create the effect of a theater curtain. To make the Roman blinds look great in the room, it’s better to pick a few colors. This will create the effect of filling the room. If you decorate the window opening with the help of Roman lifting curtains, then in this case you can get a beautiful and modern living room.

For the bedroom it is better to choose a green canvas with satin, which will have a pattern with a plant, because they will contribute to calming and privacy with nature. Many families like lightweight curtains with satin. However, it is important to take into account the factor that they will poorly protect from street light and from the outside world.




Modern Jacquard and satin drapes are increasingly used not only for apartments and private houses, but also in restaurants, hotels, billiard rooms and office rooms.

Thus, jacquard curtains are distinguished by their practicality. They do not lose their appearance even after a dozen washes. Jacquard perfectly ironed and does not fade. Portieres are easy to use and can easily create an elegant look to the room. For this reason, they are so popular among buyers.