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Yellow curtains - a piece of sun in the interior (27 photos)


Yellow curtains are truly versatile. They can equally well fit into the interior of the kitchen, living room and nursery, and all because the yellow color has a large palette of shades: from light to saturated, from quiet to bright. And also it is easily combined with almost all colors.



Yellow in the interior

Designers love the yellow palette for its rich variety. It includes:

  • citric;
  • classic yellow;
  • apricot;
  • saffron;
  • corn;
  • amber;
  • golden;
  • beige.

And that's not it. This palette includes more than 130 shades. The figure is not final, because in the process of working with artists there are all new options for coloring these shades.



Curtains soothing yellow tones are often used for window decoration in interiors made in cold colors. The following combinations are popular:

  • gray-yellow;
  • yellow-blue;
  • blue yellow;
  • yellow turquoise.

The combination of interior items is also an infinite number. The whole interior can be blue-blue, and on the window - yellow curtains. Then the light passing through them will seem warm even in winter. You can also arrange the interior in a yellow palette, and hang blue curtains on the window. Then the balance between cold and warm colors will be maintained.

Curtains in the yellow color are universal, therefore they decorate window openings in many residential premises. This color visually expands the walls and raises the ceiling, so it seems that in a room with yellow curtains there is much more free space. Yellow curtains are ideal for a small kitchen. Yellow is the color of the sun, so the interiors, in the design of which it is used, are very cozy. Also, this color with proper use raises the mood and gives joy.




At the same time, too much of a bright yellow color will irritate, and a person for no apparent reason may get nervous, so you should carefully select yellow curtains in the nursery. They should be beige and white or gray-yellow. Bright curtains of yellow-green shades may first please the child, but then start to annoy.




What kind of yellow curtains to choose?

When creating an interior, you can experiment not only with colors and textures, but also with types of curtains. If you love the classics, then stop at the traditional version: tulle and golden drapes, assembled with brushes.

Curtains in the nursery should be made of thick natural fabric. They can be decorated with original drawings. For example, cartoon characters or fairy tales. Rolled curtains of beige-gray-sand shades will go to the bedroom. They will dim the sun's rays, due to which the bedroom will fill the diffused soft light. Also, roller blinds are suitable for nursery and living room. If you want the bright sun to not disturb you at lunchtime, you can additionally hang shade curtains.




For the kitchen Roman blinds are suitable bright yellow. They close the window tightly and gather in one motion, allowing the light to penetrate into all corners of the kitchen. These curtains, in contrast to the shadow, do not occupy a minimum of space, so are ideal for small kitchens.

Yellow curtains in different rooms

Most often, bright yellow curtains are hung in the kitchen, because this color is uplifting, and the kitchen is the place where we wake up and meet with the whole family after a long working day. Curtains are especially suitable for rooms in the style of country and Provence. Country style generally allows bold combinations, so you can safely combine green curtains with yellow tulle. Or sew yellow ruffles on the curtains in the red and white cells. On small kitchens, it will be practical to use roller blinds with bright patterns or in light beige. Kitchen curtains should be sewn from a fabric that is easy to wash and breathe.




Yellow curtains in the living room are usually chosen in soothing colors. These are sand, cream or again beige and white shades. In the hall to create a festive atmosphere, you can use golden curtains.

Golden curtains are also suitable for the nursery. It is believed that this particular shade allows the child to quickly discover their creative potential. In the girl's room you can combine purple curtains with gold. For a boy, calmer options will do: yellow with blue or black.




For the bedroom it is better to abandon the combination of light green with yellow and other bright colors. Cold colors will help to calm down and fall asleep faster. It would be appropriate to gray-blue, purple curtains in combination with muted yellow, beige-gray, olive-pink and other soothing shades. In the bedroom you can hang curtains on the window - they are thick and do not take up much space.

Yellow curtains are ideal for creating interiors of any style, with the exception of minimalism, loft and hi-tech. Today, there is such a variety of shades of yellow that admirers of classics and fans of experiments will find their yellow curtains. If you want to change something in the interior, start small - hang yellow curtains.