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Short curtains in the interior: with what to combine (25 photos)


Lush, waves falling on the floor, stacked on it with soft assemblies, slightly missing to its surface, but long curtains tending to this have always been considered a sign of a luxurious interior, but in some cases short curtains to the window sill are ideal, harmoniously fitting into the situation. Their practicality, sometimes a kind of fantasy and playfulness, sometimes a clear functionality often come to the fore, and a small length becomes a highlight.







Classic models are represented by nine main types:

  1. Roman curtains. This version is popular, used in various interior solutions. The undoubted advantage is that they can be used as night curtains, easily turning into day curtains after lifting up to the eaves. They look advantageous in the living room, designers recommend them as an option for short curtains for the bedroom.
  2. "Cafe". The model received its name from the desire of catering establishments to give a homely look to the interior. The peculiarity of the form is that the cornice is installed in the middle part of the window, leaving the top open. Popular as short curtains in the kitchen, there can be used a variety of fabrics, ranging from light organza or tulle, to dense materials. Interesting as a version of the curtains for the children's room, the interior in the style of country, to give.
  3. French In this form are used translucent, weightless fabrics, moire, organza, tulle, silk. The model consists of several sections, each of which falls in soft folds. French short curtains will fit in the living room, decorated in a classic style, in the nursery for a girl, ideal for interiors that are modern, rococo or empire.
  4. Austrian. There is room for imagination of those who pick up the curtains in the hall. The combination of the original version of the Roman curtains with the ease and pomp of the French makes it possible to use different fabrics, although, as a rule, preference is given to light and light. It is appropriate organza, tulle, soft and delicate texture.
  5. Japanese curtains. Perfectly fit into a modern interior. Their brevity and oriental flavor makes it possible to use the look as kitchen curtains, hang them in the living room, bedroom, or office. Shifted to the sides, which distinguishes them from the Roman curtains or Austrian curtains, are flat panels or panels. If there is a desire to make Japanese linen curtains, then this material, like silk, bamboo, colored plastic and translucent organza is also appropriate.
  6. Roll. The peculiarity of the type in a special mechanism of the cornice, where the fabric “enters”, not gathering in the folds. The principle is somewhat similar to the work of blinds. If you wish to focus on the windows, you can use a fabric with a three-dimensional or bright pattern. Rolled curtains in the bedroom to the window sill perfectly protect from the morning sunlight or the annoying shine of street lamps, if made of thick fabric.
  7. Pleated or fabric blinds. From the name it is clear that they are made on the principle of office blinds, but the fabric acts as a material. This design of the curtains looks like a lightweight version of the thick window panels, so popular in institutions, and when using bright colors, the version will be a highlight of the interior. Will be suitable for a bedroom, in a nursery, in an office.
  8. Bamboo. Such material can be used for curtains in the style of Provence, country, eco and minimalism. Bamboo is much easier to maintain, it will be an excellent substitute for fabric curtains in the kitchen. Eco-friendly, suitable for children.
  9. Color block or "color blocks". Created from fabrics of various colors and patterns, look bright and original. Such short curtains came into vogue recently, but quickly gained popularity. Their highlight is the possibility of the perfect combination with various interior details or shades used in the decoration. These can be either silk or linen curtains, where the canvas consists of a fabric of uniform density and combined with a tulle or satin finish.





New trends: fashionable design of short curtains

Modern trends in interior solutions expose their requirements.

Today, not just beautiful curtains and drapes are appreciated, but those that fully fit the fashion. Even the curtains in a rustic style, which refers us to the traditional, must be designed in the spirit of modernity.



Among the latest design innovations in the field of window accessories:

  • Fabric blackout (another spelling is blackout). This textile material, produced according to the technology patented in Finland, does not let in the sunlight, shading the room by 90-100%. Blackout curtains can be performed in different variations, ranging from long models, ending with short ones or those that can be done less if necessary. Of course, such a fabric does not resemble tulle in transparency and lightness, but it is not worth presenting it as a dense and heavy canvas. It is made with a variety of decorative coatings, it is possible to sew Roman blinds blackout, pleated, used in different interiors, at home, in catering establishments or in offices.
  • Individual approach to the design of windows. In the fashion today, eclectic and multi-layered, so the classic Roman curtains or traditional Japanese panels can be somewhat deliberate in the interior. When deciding which short curtains to hang in the kitchen, do not forget about your own fantasy. You can simply take a piece of delicate transparent fabric, drape a window with it, add a hard lambrequin of an intricate shape and bright, in tone, or a contrast satin bow. This option will replace the classic tulle curtains and add personality and charm to the decor.
  • The last of the discoveries - cotton curtains. A curtain of threads with the addition of decorative knots, beads, bright feathers or other elements for decoration becomes a unique addition to the interior, it brings a touch of romanticism or extravagance. It all depends on the type of yarn and decorative parts. For example, the abundance of glass beads or beads will make the curtain shine in the sun or from electric lighting, creating unique effects.




What are interesting short curtains in the interior?

Actually, the design of windows is the final touch in creating the furnishings, a kind of accent that makes the interior finished. Whether it is the kitchen curtains to the window sill, long curtains or curtains, their choice should be approached very carefully.



However, the short versions have more features:

  • for small rooms only this type is appropriate;
  • there is much more room for imagination here - the entire list of decorative elements can only be used in short models, the long ones are more demanding;
  • short curtains with lambrequin, short length blackout curtains, cotton or tulle curtains to the windowsill - any versions of window design, ranging from Roman, to own design, are used in interiors and successfully, unlike long variations;
  • The choice of colors, designs and materials is also much broader than in the case of their long rivals.

In addition, short curtains are much more economical in terms of production (they have less fabric) and easier to maintain. Making a choice in favor of this option, we expand our capabilities in the design of a variety of interiors.