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Hinged doors: design features and significant advantages (22 photos)


When choosing the type of interior doors, many are guided by the convenience and practicality of use. In recent years, the popularity of such a model as hinged doors has increased. Their compact design allows you to give the interior a designer chic. Such doors are used in small and large rooms, where they can be installed not only in interior aisles, but also in zoning sites.




Hinged doors are doors whose canvas moves along special guides. A feature of such doors is the constant suspension, which involves pushing or sliding along a certain side of the passage. It is also possible to place the canvas inside the wall. The rail is mounted on the ceiling surface, wall or on the upper opening area for the door.



Types of hinged doors

Suspended interior doors are made in different widths and lengths. The height is adjusted relative to the ceiling level. The width of the door can reach half the size of the wall on which it will be installed. Do not forget that the weight of the canvas should not be large. This is due to the fact that the guide is designed for a certain load.

According to the internal characteristics of hinged sliding doors can be divided into two groups:

  • Sliding doors - they have the usual dimensions;
  • Sliding partitions - they are inherent in large dimensions and location from the ceiling to the floor or between the walls.



The door system for opening involves the separation of hinged doors into the following categories:

  • Sliding - implies the presence of a system built into the wall to conceal the web;
  • Coupe doors - assume a laid-out arrangement or embedding in an aperture;
  • Cascading - characterized by gathering on one side when opening;
  • Radius - presented in a different curved shape;
  • Compound - suggest the presence of moving and fixed parts;
  • Doors-books or doors-accordions - are characterized by an excellent opening scheme and the presence of special fittings for folding doors.

Suspended doors with top rail, depending on the variety, allow them to be used for limited spaces. In appearance, you can choose different types, but their functional properties will be the same. All hinged doors combines elements for opening and closing - rollers.



Advantages and disadvantages

This design is chosen by many owners of houses and apartments. Among the advantages are:

  • Suspension system for sliding doors does not allow slamming in the wind or draft;
  • Ease of use for all age categories;
  • Preservation of free space;
  • Visual increase in the room;
  • The presence of the effect of "simplicity" in the room;
  • You can install mechanisms for automatic opening and closing;
  • Resistance to mechanical stress, if, of course, not installed hinged glass doors;
  • Ability to select different sizes, shapes, patterns.

Hinged doors due to a number of advantages are used in wardrobes and dressing rooms.



Recommendations when choosing

Suspended compartment doors during installation require consideration of the strength and hardness of the surface, where equipment will be installed to effect the movement of the web, and you should also pay attention to the fact that hinged doors should have a weight of no more than 40 kg. With more weight, sagging and breakage of the rail may occur. When taking this item into account, there is a rule according to which heavy rollers are selected for a heavy sash to ensure sufficient holding force and movement of the doors.

The starting materials for the production of such doors are:

  • Plastic;
  • Aluminum;
  • Glass;
  • MDF.

Plastic door, which is hung on the wall or ceiling, is valued for its strength, lightness, resistance to various environmental influences. Moreover, the price of such doors is much lower.



Aluminum doors have a number of advantages compared with other types of materials:

  • The use of chemistry for cleansing;
  • Long service life;
  • Various door shapes;
  • The possibility of installing a thermal insert to create an additional source of heat;
  • Easy installation;
  • Elimination of the possibility of loss of form (in comparison with the tree).

Suspended glass door suitable for high-tech interior or minimalism. This type of door is of solid or frame type. Glass is also used for installation for cabinet doors. A hinged wardrobe with a glass door add elegance and luxury to the interior.



Hinged compartment doors are equipped with a hinged system made of aluminum. This material has the necessary properties:

  • Good durability and resistance to stress;
  • Corrosion resistance;
  • Convenience and ease to create decorating details.

Principles of installation

When installing compartment doors, it is assumed that the cloth is installed on rollers, which should ensure a long service life and silence when moving the doors, therefore plastic with a rubberized surface is used in the manufacture of the roller mechanism.