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Restoration and repair of kitchen furniture: professional assistance and a decent result


The specific operating conditions of the kitchen cause premature "aging" of this site: the surfaces wear out quickly, become covered by persistent dirt, lose their shape, integrity, and attractiveness. Compared to interior items in other rooms, the restoration and repair of kitchen furniture are more in demand: mechanical effects, active daily use and contact with aggressive media and abrasives have an effect.

Not always the only way to eliminate defects is to buy a new kitchen set: often local restoration of furniture in the kitchen allows you to achieve the effect of updating the entire room. Also a common problem - the failure of individual components, in particular, accessories, boxes. Often the table top or doors are deformed due to the abundant exposure to moisture - the surfaces warp in the washing area. Problem areas are walls in the immediate vicinity of the cooking surface: drops of fat settle on them, often “waves” occur, the integrity of the finish is broken.



Factors that negatively affect the appearance of furniture, continuously affect the surface for many years. Restoration of the façade of the kitchen set allows you to get rid of the effects of the influence of sudden temperature changes, fatty and water vapor, liquids, chemicals, level the damage from contact with sharp objects.

A separate category of trouble are worn fasteners. In this case, the facades are subject only to local repair.

Over the years, the facade is overgrown with cracks, chips, abrasions, the palette loses saturation due to heat and UV rays, light tones may turn yellow. The tabletop is the most intensively used - numerous mechanical damages appear on it. We offer restoration of table tops from synthetic, wood, stone materials.

A common practice among our customers is the restoration of old kitchen furniture, a headset for the purpose of changing the design. If the functionality of the items is fully preserved, it is worth using the services of specialists to update the headset by changing the texture, color of the finish, using overhead decorative elements, introducing new glasses and mirrors. Compared to the cost of installing a new set, ordering a redesign in our company will be much cheaper.

The key to the success of our business is close communication with the customer. We take into account all the wishes regarding the materials and technologies used, carefully think over the color solutions and the possibilities of expanding the functionality of each item.




Restoration of kitchen furniture: a list of services

Our experts brilliantly cope with the following tasks:

  • complete replacement and restoration of kitchen facades. Actual if the case is quite strong, but the appearance of the set leaves much to be desired. For this purpose, such practical materials as an array, MDF enamel, plastic, laminate, veneer, film can be used. Hundreds of types of decoration and decor can satisfy the most demanding needs;
  • repair or install a new countertop. If this is required by the design of the headset, the master at the same time can also install such additions as the hob, sink, mixer, hood;
  • work with fittings - a change is made of items that are subjected to regular load, fail faster, vulnerable to corrosion. This category includes hinges, handles, withdrawable mechanisms, fasteners;
  • restoration of kitchen furniture fronts from an array is often reduced to cleaning and restoring the paintwork;
  • installation of additional lamps, decorative lighting.

Among the works associated with painting and restoration of the set, the most in demand are measures to remove the old coating, apply a primer, use enamel, varnish, stain, patina. Plastic caps have proven themselves well - they are implemented in the loyal range and exhibit optimal performance properties.

Replacement fittings covers the following positions:

  • loops of opening, including equipped with the closer;
  • drawer mechanisms for drawers and baskets (plus closers);
  • bottle holders, also having closers;
  • magic corners;
  • adjustable foot;
  • metal handle;
  • gas lift;
  • lift;
  • swivel corner basket;
  • fasteners;
  • halogen lighting.

It is impossible to ignore such a demanded service as the restoration of the geometry of buildings. In the process of restoration of kitchen furniture facades, the consequences of heaving and warping of materials due to the destructive effect of moisture are eliminated.

If you do not know how to order the restoration of kitchen furniture at home, we suggest initially to decide on the front of the planned work. Independently or with the help of a specialist, you can make a list of problem areas - worn fittings, leaning doors or deformed ends. If the priority is to improve the aesthetic indicators, we will help you make a sketch of the changes, we will offer the services of a measurer.

At the preliminary stage, we provide comprehensive professional assistance: we talk about the pros and cons of modern materials and technologies, we offer reliable fittings and trendy decor. Any doubts? Call us and we will answer any question that interests you!



Why choose us:

  • loyal pricing policy (we individually select solutions that allow you to meet a given budget);
  • scrupulous observance of the stated deadlines;
  • personal solution of each task;
  • responsibility for the result;
  • quality assurance and durability of the work done;
  • use of proven materials, the latest tools, continuous improvement of skills;
  • own staff of highly specialized craftsmen.

Years of experience and a sensitive approach to customers have allowed us to form a multifaceted base of the most common problems and rational ways to solve them with minimal waste of time and money. At the same time, we are inspired by non-standard orders that expand the professional horizons of the craftsmen, which can become the basis for the realization of interesting projects for the alteration of old furniture.

To leave a request or get advice, just contact our specialist in any way you want. If you are not sure that you are ready for major expenses, give us a call - the master will help you to draft the work taking into account the financial framework. There is no place for doubts - we will help to transform your kitchen!