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Entrance doors with MDF trim: design options (21 photos)


Entrance doors to an apartment or a private house can be made of metal. For the frame, a profiled tube is used, the structure is reinforced with stiffening ribs, and steel sheets are welded on top. The doors are durable, they are able to withstand a significant shock load. The main disadvantage of the product is low aesthetic qualities. Only 15-20 years ago, Kuzbass Lak was the only finishing for the entrance doors. After the handicraft production of this product was superseded by professional factory performance, doors with enamels and powder paint appeared. These products also did not suit the bulk of buyers, and only the entrance doors with MDF trim completely satisfied the demands of consumers.



Design features of MDF entrance doors

What is MDF? This is an environmentally friendly material created by pressing a fine fraction of waste production of lumber. Unlike MDF, MDF has minimal water absorption, is distinguished by high strength and good sound insulation properties. Manufacturers of this product produce slabs of different thickness, panels for finishing entrance doors have a thickness of 4 to 24 mm. What are the differences between these panels?



Plates of 10-16 mm are used for the production of panels with embossing or milling, which greatly expands the possibilities of designers. Such metal entrance doors MDF have a balanced price, have good sound insulation characteristics. They are widely used and are produced by all major manufacturers of entrance doors.

Plates of 18-24 mm were not widely used, despite the fact that they provide more opportunities for the original milling. Due to the high price, they are used in the production of premium entrance doors. MDF 18-24 mm panels provide a high level of sound insulation and heat insulation, additionally reinforce the door design.

From the inside, metal entrance doors with MFD decoration can be of any design. Use MDF thin panels, laminate, leather, photo printing - this allows you to choose a model that fully corresponds to the hallway interior. The doors are trimmed from the inside with practical materials that provide easy maintenance. Internal filling of doors is similar to models of other types of entrance doors. To improve the thermal insulation and sound insulation characteristics of mineral wool insulation is used.



MDF door trim options

The panels can be cladded not only with a film of melamine paper, manufacturers use for this veneer expensive woods or laminate - artificial veneer. This not only expands the range of products, but also allows you to choose a model for an exclusive exterior. Natural veneer, glued to the MDF panel, requires attentive care. Its advantage is the unique design of each door, since the cut of natural wood has its own characteristic pattern.



If the exclusive nature of the finish is not interested, but there is a desire to have a finish that maximally imitates natural wood, then it is better to use laminatin for cladding MDF panels. This material is made of thick PVC, it is durable, easy to clean, it can be washed using household chemicals. Considerable thickness allows you to emboss the texture of natural wood in relief. Due to this, it is difficult to distinguish artificial veneer from natural even to a professional.



Advantages of MDF entrance doors

Among the main advantages of MDF entrance doors, there are:

  • a wide range of colors and stylistic solutions;
  • the ability to choose a door in any price range;
  • long service life;
  • good sound insulation;
  • unpretentious and easy care.

Entrance doors can be chosen for a city apartment, a respectable cottage and a small country house, office space and a grocery store. Such versatility significantly distinguishes metal doors with MDF trim panels from other types of entrance doors.




Finishing slopes after mounting the door

In most cases, the doorway is in the bearing wall, the thickness of which is not less than 40-60 cm. The metal door box is 60-70 mm, the fitters traditionally install it flush, which greatly simplifies the finishing of the door with casing outside. With their help, close the technological gap between the box and the wall. A recess in the supporting wall is formed from inside the room, the width of which often exceeds 30 cm. Previously, the problem of finishing this space was solved by installing a second door, which provided the necessary level of insulation and sound insulation, as well as guaranteed additional protection.

Modern entrance doors with MDF panels are highly reliable, durable and provide the necessary thermal performance at a thickness of 40-70 mm.

As a result, slopes are formed, for the finishing of which additional holes are required. They are produced by all manufacturers of entrance doors, there are standard products of different widths. The buyer has the opportunity to order the required dimensions. This will not only greatly simplify installation, but will also make the finish of the door opening more attractive.



Companies that produce doors MDF, offer dobori plate, thickness of 8 mm. These components have their advantages:

  • high strength characteristics;
  • compliance with the design of the door leaf;
  • ease of care;
  • easy installation

The use of dobori will make the doorway complete, practical, beautiful. The slopes of MDF have a long service life, they do not have to be changed every time the wallpaper in the hallway is glued or the walls are painted in a new shade with interior paints.



Entrance doors with MDF cladding - the best choice, attracting not only price, but also its aesthetic qualities. The advantage of this product is a wide range of finishes, its practicality and the availability of high-quality finishing elements. With proper installation, this door will last for several decades.