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Stylish dressers in the living room: how to choose (30 photos)


The main quality of the dresser is its functionality. Even the word "dresser" comes from the French "commode", which means "comfortable." However, not only this is the value of these capacious pieces of furniture. They help to keep a lot of things and at the same time look stylish and beautiful. Some believe that the dressers and cabinets are one and the same, since they are similar in appearance and have the same purpose, but this is not so. The chest of drawers is characterized by the presence of horizontal drawers, so that it has excellent spaciousness.



What to look for when choosing a dresser?

Choosing furniture for the living room, it is necessary to consider the requirements for its quality:

  • The material must be durable and thick enough. The original and still the most preferred material is solid wood. But since this is not the cheapest option, there are a number of more budgetary analogues: MDF and chipboard, plastic and glass.
  • The bottom of the box must be made of multilayer plywood. Avoid models where the bottom of hardboard. Under the weight of things it can come off.
  • All drawers should slide out smoothly. It is the same with the doors, which are obliged to open easily, without the use of effort. It is desirable to have a limiter that will prevent the drawers from falling out.
  • Pay attention to the accessories, especially handles. The best option - the traditional handle-brackets.

Now you know what to single out in order to find a quality specimen among a rich assortment.

Chests in the living room differ in size, style, purpose, color and shape. Choose this piece of furniture should be based on their own desires and given the size of the room.

Classic model

The height of such commodes usually varies between 100-130 cm, width is about one meter. This height is directly related to the average height of a person. This makes it easy to get the necessary items from any shelf. The choice of width is dictated by the free space in the living room.




Adherents of traditional classics will like simple and restrained models of dressers. They may look modest and inconspicuous, and may attract everyone’s attention with handmade metal jewelry or carvings. This design will emphasize the refined taste of homeowners. Classic models of chest of drawers are designed to stand against the wall, because they usually have an unattractive back surface.



Choosing long chests for the living room, pay attention to the models with elongated horizontal shelves, hidden behind the doors (can be glazed or solid), and with spacious drawers on top. Such type of dressers establish at a wall or behind a sofa. In the first case, the chest of drawers for the living room does not take up much space. In the second - with an island arrangement of pieces of furniture, it helps to cover the back of the sofa and effectively separate the zones. An unusual use of low long drawers is to use as a bench (if you put pillows on the lid).



Dresser showcase

Dresser showcase for the living room - a spectacular model that looks like a sideboard. It serves not only to store things, but also to demonstrate them. During Soviet times, such a piece of furniture was in almost every home. Usually, the owners kept behind the mirrored doors the pride of the family - a collection of crystal glassware. Now dressers for dishes in the living room do not look so unsightly, as in those years. This piece of furniture is made rectangular, triangular, oval, rounded and square in shape, which allows it to successfully fit into any interiors.



Dressers with glass for the living room are used to demonstrate not only beautiful services. They are used to pay attention to the beautiful or valuable things owners. It can be antiques, souvenir weapons, collections of original figurines and so on.

Often a chest of drawers is used as a mini-bar. Modern dressers for the living room are equipped with lighting with LEDs, which additionally attracts guests to the contents of the shop window. Do not forget to provide a simple approach to furniture with transparent doors, so that nothing would interfere with calmly viewing the decorative objects that family members are most proud of.



Additional advantages include the fact that the mirror will visually enlarge the room. If you put candles or lamps on the bedside table cover, this will add charm to the interior of the room. You can make this kind of furniture yourself. To do this, on the wall above the chest of drawers in a classic style should hang a mirror.



Corner chest of drawers

Corner chest of drawers - ideal for a small living room. Not for every such massive piece of furniture as a chest of drawers can you find a place in the "Khrushchev", but if you want to get a chest of drawers, get such a modification. Even a high corner dresser for the living room will save considerable space, and this is due to the fact that one of the corners, which are often empty in the house, will be used for the installation. Take care that this piece of furniture fits snugly to the wall.



Color and design chest

Beautiful dressers for the living room should be in harmony with the interior of the room in color and style. Usually, the owners are guided by standing next to furniture and decoration of the room, but this is not necessary. Chest can be different from other pieces of furniture. Most often it stands somewhat apart, which means it stands out against the general background. Why not emphasize this by picking a shade that will contrast with the decor? This applies not only to the color, but also to the material from which the dressers and cabinets are made.



White chests of drawers in the living room - a universal design solution, as this color blends well with other tones. Black models are no less popular, but you need to take into account that in small living rooms they will look cumbersome. Classic - the color of natural wood. It is interesting to look at the options that combine several different colors. Designers often creative and glue the drawers with wallpaper, decorate them with drawings and inscriptions.



Popular design of dressers in modern style - coloring by an ombre method (when each subsequent shelf is lighter than previous). Also in demand models with photo printing. In the rococo style, rich decor is required, costly material for the manufacture and elegant shape (curved walls and legs). For hi-tech and minimalism, simple silhouettes and the complete absence of decorative elements are characteristic. Such dressers are made of plastic, metal and glass. Provence is a bit like a rococo, but it is characterized by coarser shapes and less elaborate decor. Dressers of this style are made from simple breeds of a tree and are not varnished.



As you understand, after reading the article, the chests vary in size, color, shape and purpose. Consider these features before purchasing to choose a chest of drawers that would be appropriate in your living room.