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Sofa with shelves: comfortable space saving (22 photos)


Equipping living space around us, we are increasingly striving to minimize the number of possible actions and movements, so that our rest could not interfere. In search of the next solution to this non-trivial problem, designers around the world have proposed a new design option for a sitting place - a sofa with built-in shelves.



This element of furniture furnishings is a successful combination of soft sections and rigid structures created to store pleasant things that can diversify the rest of the household. A sofa with wooden shelves can be a great place for your favorite books and magazines, snacks, if you prefer to have a snack while watching movies and TV shows, as well as for folding the necessary small things, including the TV remote.




Creating such comfort in the sofa area, it is impossible not to voice the advantages that a convenient design with built-in shelves gives its owners:

  • provides constant free access to necessary trifles: books, magazines, a bowl of fruit, etc. You no longer have to pause the movie to get up and go for pop-pop or a telephone; all this can now be conveniently placed on the side shelf;
  • the modular shape of the sofa allows you to install the shelves in various places: in the corner, between the sections or on the side;
  • sofas with shelves usually do not greatly exceed the cost of conventional soft design, so this solution is not able to hit the wallet;
  • the versatility of such a sofa has no analogues - in addition to a comfortable sitting place or a berth, you will have a convenient shelving. The whole design saves a lot of space (you can refuse bulky cabinets and wall-mounted shelves), while remaining a comfortable place to stay.

The disadvantages of such structures can only be attributed to the fact that sofas with shelves for books and other pleasant things will take you a little more time to clean, because, like any horizontal surfaces, shelves collect dust that will periodically need to be cleaned. It can also be said that this design is dangerous for children, some corners of the shelves are traumatic for young family members, but with the right choice of design it is possible to avoid all the troubles associated with it.

Depending on where concrete wooden structures will be located for storing things, there are several most popular options:

  • in armrests;
  • in the corner;
  • in the back.

All these options are distinguished by convenience and ergonomics; only the dimensions of the room where the sofa will be installed and the wishes of the owner are able to determine the right choice of the required construction.



Sofa with shelves in the armrests

Everyone probably noticed that the outer side of the armrest of the sofa is a durable, mostly wooden frame, covered with fabric, from which the rest of the upholstery is made.

So, furniture designers decided that this place is unforgivably stupidly left uncovered and offered designs for sofas in which the outer side of the side panels of the armrest is equipped with comfortable and roomy shelves.



Here you can place your favorite books or magazines, photos in frames or statues. Shelves in this form is very convenient to use - just bend over or even lower your hand through the window sill to get the necessary items. If the shelves serve only as a decorative element of the interior, then they will perfectly accommodate interesting decor items, made in the same style.

It is important to note that this design of a sofa with shelves is more suitable for families in which there are no small children and pets. The low location of the shelves and the availability of items on them will provoke minor troubles. However, it is always possible to close these shelves with frosted or clear glass, as well as with deaf wooden doors, which may even make the design of the sofa more original.

Sofas with a shelf in the corner

As it becomes clear from the name, structures of this type must have an angle at which the necessary shelves would be embedded. Therefore, only the corner sofa with a shelf in the corner fits this description. Such designs are most often installed in small rooms, they save space, while remaining a comfortable place to relax and convenient storage for books, decor items and even flower arrangements.

The shelf in these sofas is located in the corner between the soft sections, separates and simultaneously unites both sides of the sofa. Here you can store books, magazines, put photos in frames, potted flowers and just put the TV remote control.

Many residents of modern apartments prefer to install such a sofa in the kitchen, usually in the dining area. Guests and households are thus seated around the table, and on the shelves at the same time, you can place a fruit basket, napkin holder or breadbasket. In the free time from the feast, the phone or TV can be placed on the shelves so that the hostess does not leave her favorite TV show while cooking.



There are also options when the corner shelf comes out and turns into a small but comfortable table where you can have a nice tea party. Such an angular sofa with a table and shelves provides the convenience of meeting and gathering with friends when it is not possible to organize large parties.



Sofa with shelf in the back

As well as the outer space of the armrest, the back space is often filled with emptiness. Why not use it correctly?

A wide sofa with shelves on the back of the back will allow you to place there almost the entire home library, favorite dinner sets, photographs and figurines. Of course, this arrangement of shelves is the least convenient to use, however, as a rack in the room, it does not know the flaws. Previously, you would have placed bulky bookcases with books in addition to the sofa, but now you can find a convenient storage and a soft seating area in one design.

Such sofas with shelves are most often found in large living rooms or in studio apartments. And in the latter version, the sofa can serve as a kind of separator between the hall and the kitchen, and then on the shelves in its back you can place the necessary stuff in the kitchen.



Popular variations

An important advantage of the construction with shelves is that such a modification does not require any specific mechanisms and configurations. Shelves can be equipped with a straight sofa, and angular, folding and roll-out designs.

Shelves on straight sofas can be located in the armrests and rear backrest. There are also designs when the armrest itself rises, turns over and becomes an excellent support for a small meal or hot tea. Shelves can also be equipped in the armrest space itself - most often this is how the home bar is equipped.