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Gray sofa: all the facets of the aesthetics of universal upholstered furniture (28 photos)


Gray sofa - a choice in favor of practicality, high functionality and durability. So bulky, but restrained in color, upholstered furniture can freely adapt to any interiors and other extravagant types of furniture.

Gray color: as a decent base

Gray corner sofa can be considered the main element of furniture in any room. The color palette of upholstered furniture sets the mood, puts the key coloristic accents, guides the stylistic thought, improves the concept of style.



Gray colors of sofas allow you to combine a variety of shades and textures based on the same interior. Non-marking and practical elements have a number of advantages:

  • Dark or light gray sofa can be a kind of anti-stress attribute. It promotes relaxation, creates an atmosphere of stability. The room will be filled with a sense of peace and tranquility. This mood will be even worse if the design is complemented by a neutral yellow decor. The interior in gray colors will be even more relaxing and calm, if you use white tone, experiment with hints of beige and chocolate;
  • For bright colors to complement one design, a gray sofa in the interior of the living room, kitchen or bedroom will help balance all the colorful accents. It is a gray canvas that will not strain the eyes. This is important for rooms with red-pink-yellow elements, and also if there is a lot of lilac, green, orange accents in the room, and the turquoise sofa will become more balanced if a gray blanket is placed on it;
  • Gray corner sofa is a great alternative to black color. In fact, any unnecessarily dark elements can be replaced with objects from the gray palette. In addition, a gray folding sofa or fabric velor version of upholstered furniture can be supplemented with blue, blue, turquoise pillows. Black color is not so favorable for such combinations;
  • Gray leather sofa can become a kind of "missing link" between the elements of other shades that form the design of the room. Thus, the overall picture gets the desired contrast and harmony, there is an equilibrium of light and shade. Pastels will not look boring, and bright colors will not annoy;
  • The bedroom, kitchen or living room with a gray sofa will look elegant and refined. In any interior upholstered furniture in neutral gray colors will look organically. It is a sharp classic, and about a soft farm style. A huge gray sofa in the style of minimalism will also look stylish, like an ash sofa or a eurobook sofa, complemented by soft blankets and lots of embroidered pillows.

Gray canvas very effectively emphasizes any texture. Gray leather sofa (as an alternative - eco-leather) looks no worse than black furniture.

The gray sofa is found in many design compositions. Such a neutral palette personifies all the facets of minimalism. The corner sofa of gray color or the soft corner of a dark-ashy shade is not just perfectly combined with all elements in an interior. Such furniture should be perceived as quite a solid investment in the future.



Favorite gray straight sofa can delight with its beauty and practicality for many years. Trends will change around, wall and ceiling designs will change, new additional furniture will appear and various small decorations will appear, but the gray modular sofa will continue to occupy its important position in the room.

In order for the textured gray leather sofa to take root in the interior or the sophisticated gray fabric sofa book looked perfect, it is important to take care of a decent background. Choosing in what color to paint the walls, you can give preference to such options:

  • The color palette of the walls can match the shade of upholstered furniture. For example, a gray-brown sofa will look good in a room with mocha or milk chocolate walls. Allowed if the color of the finish on a few tones is different from the colors of the furniture;
  • The shade of the walls is chosen taking into account the color of the interior as a whole. For example, if the fabric sofas are complemented by attributes with turquoise tints, emerald and green tones, the walls can be made out in a similar “diluted” tone.

Selecting the wallpaper, you should take into account the decor of textiles and the presence of decorations on upholstered furniture. If the room has a gray sofa with cushions decorated with embossed or embroidered, it is better to choose wallpaper with drawings that would be combined with textile prints. However, it is worth remembering that unnecessarily artsy or catchy ornament found on walls, upholstered furniture and other attributes can spoil the whole design.



Accessories that can give mood

A simple gray sofa or accordion or fabric gray corner, where eco-leather is used as upholstery - this is just the base. In order for the design to look truly luxurious, rich and complete, you need to choose the right accessories. First of all, care about the color balance and the game of textures.



Bright accents with a gray sofa: the beginning of experiments

The human brain perceives all the tones of the gray palette as neutral and calm. Consciousness is not overloaded, the mood does not change. An interesting feature: the gray color in a duet with different color partners is able to open from a new side.



By combining a blue sofa and a gray sofa or armchairs, it is possible to make a neutral ash tone slightly warmer. Red and pink tones give the gray canvas a greenish play. Eco-leather with bright yellow decor looks a little calmer, but the fabric gray sofa and white plaid reinforce each other's rich texture.



Mint background or refreshing turquoise as the base color of the finish - very fashionable tricks, especially effectively complement gray textiles and upholstered furniture in the same color. It is good to combine colors on the basis of the fabrics differing from each other on the invoice. For example, gray velor and turquoise silk look luxurious. Another luxurious duet: gray eco-leather and velvet emerald textiles.



Gray and bleached oak: exclusive combinations

Minimalism and Scandinavian style require a special approach. Fabric gray sofa book or fashionable eco-leather will create a truly exclusive composition.

If the total white finish and dark gray pieces of furniture do not always look cozy, then the shade of "bleached oak" can drastically change the situation. The hue of baked milk, flavored with an attractive woody texture, makes the interior more profound, unusual, stylish.

Such an unusual composition would be best to look in a bright spacious hall or in a sunny living room. To emphasize eco-stylistics, fabric gray sofa is decorated with pillows imitating woody relief, which are several tones darker or lighter than the base textiles.



Golden notes

A gray-blue sofa or a dark sofa bed with upholstered "eco-leather" is an excellent base for experiments with rich textures and aristocratic décor. The golden ornament is an element that often accompanies elite interiors, exclusive pompous compositions. Gold is the perfect complement for intimate boudoirs and luxurious living rooms, where the twilight always reigns.

If a turquoise sofa, red-yellow textiles, white and black bases conceal a lot of designer “traps” that can turn an initially successful idea into tastelessness, then such an oversight should not occur with gray upholstered furniture. Gold ornaments look best on matte surfaces. For example, a fabric gray sofa book is decorated with gold lettering or embroidery, complementing the canvas with pillows in pearl color or a beige plaid.



You can experiment with ebb tides too. Instead of "pure gold" take the red and gold thread. With silver, you need to be careful, as a combination with shades of gray palette can give an unnecessarily cold composition.