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Showcase - home museum in the living room (26 photos)


The main room of the apartment deserves to be the most luxurious in the house. Worthy decoration - shop windows.

What is a display cabinet?

Modern display cases or simply showcases, it is, in fact, a remake of the once popular cupboard and walls, and even furniture of earlier eras. Three centuries ago, every rich house considered it obligatory to parade expensive, beautiful things that emphasized financial freedom and the high position of the owners on the social scale.



The name of the display cabinet reveals the design features of this piece of furniture. This is a cabinet with glass doors, behind which the shelves and the objects placed on them are clearly visible. Glass makes the display case visually light, compact, and adds light and solemnity to the whole room without overloading it.

A showcase for the living room has two functions: utilitarian and aesthetic. Practical use in the effective storage of expensive things: the design combines the openness of the shelves and their full protection from external influence. Aesthetic - the ability to admire them.



Thus, showcase cabinets are designed to store not all in a row, but only expensive beautiful things. Glass doors do not hide them, but exclude accidental fall. This is especially important if there are small children in the house. On shelves and objects covered with glass, dust is not so intensely deposited, which is also important.

Showcase in the interior of the living room, as a rule, is not cluttered, so that you can appreciate the beauty of each thing. The contents of the shelves indicate the interests, preferences, achievements, successes of the owners of the house in various fields. It can be:

  • exclusive crystal, porcelain (especially Meissen), other tableware;
  • prizes and awards received by households;
  • exhibits of personal collections;
  • souvenirs from countries visited by family members;
  • library.

This defines another purpose of the showcase: the reification of memories of pleasant moments of life. So that it does not darken, you need the appropriate framing, that is, the frame. It should be made of valuable wood, such as wenge.



What are the windows?

The classification of such furniture is carried out on several grounds: purpose, shape, size, location.

Show-windows in an interior carry out various functions which are defined by internal filling.


Such a showcase in the living room is intended for figurines. As a rule, it is low, often a cabinet with internal illumination.


Inside it is a well-known wall for several generations. Modern modification is identified by a rounded top or a polyhedron shape. Consists of several cabinet segments with open shelves and glass doors that open independently of each other, but combined into a single whole. Usually books or dishes are stored here.




Furniture exclusively for dishes with shelves of wood or glass. The choice is determined by its severity: from wine glasses to a tureen.


Classic showcase for dishes in the living room with a closed bottom and a glass top. The lower part of the cupboard is equipped with drawers or doors.


Essentially the same traditional book wall or cabinet. She has a strong frame and thick shelves of solid wood, designed for heavy books. The design is usually classic, but there are options in other styles.

Installation method

Like a regular cabinet, the showcase is installed on the floor as an independent element of the interior, embedded in it, hung on the wall.




Loose walls over low furniture are used. The application has two advantages: such windows create an interior completeness, adding beauty to it. If the showcase is angular, it looks even more original.

Especially popular in small spaces, where every centimeter of area is registered. A good place to store fragile exhibits. However, heavy things do not put them.


Thus, large-sized heavy models are located: a library, a large sideboard, a wall or a module of several segments, one of which may be an angled display case.


The showcase can stand close to or close to the wall. Not uncommon corner showcase or located in the center of the room.


The usual classic windows for the living room. Close to the wall have the most dimensional models for which a different location is problematic. If it is, for example, a buffet with dishes, for the convenience of contemplation, the interior space is decorated with a mirror.

There is another classification of windows - in shape and size:

  • large cabinets;
  • wide dressers;
  • narrow lockers.

Different options are chosen for the living room: a large display cabinet, a chest of drawers plus cabinets, or a combination of one with another.


Usually massive, put along the wall. Its design involves the review of objects on one side only. Used for dishes, as a library or a combination wall.

Chest of drawers

Low glass cabinet with three or all glass walls. Usually exposed along or near the wall. Everything is clearly visible in it, so the most beautiful things are exhibited here: exotic overseas souvenirs, vases from the oriental bazaar, antiques.



Narrow display case

It happens glass in whole or in part, open from two sides or from one.

Narrow showcases for the living room are used as a storage place for small exhibits or collections that are viewed from one side (painted plates, African masks). Library cabinets are almost always narrow: book lovers prefer to place their wealth in one row.

It is also an effective zoning element:

  • for small apartments in which the living room performs several functions;
  • to give comfort to a very large living room.

Installing a narrow locker will intelligently and efficiently divide the space into areas, provide an overview of beautiful things, and such a variety as a corner window will save space in a small room.

What are the windows made of?

The market offers a variety of quality and cost of frame materials and shelves. You can choose furniture not only to taste, but also to financial possibilities.


The most expensive material of the frame and shelves. First of all, showcases of classical style are made of solid wood. Recently, the palm holds the color of wenge. The dark version is ideal for the library, the bright ones will enhance the showcases with dishes.



Chipboard, MDF, veneer

Cheaper analogues of wood from modern materials. Reliably imitate natural wood. Of these, the most presentable is veneer, that is, a thin section of natural wood. And veneer venge is simply luxurious. Much less expensive than an array of wood, it looks no worse.


The range of windows in modern style, offered in the furniture market, is unlimited in design and decor. You can buy or order models for living rooms, decorated in any style. After all, a new buffet or wall should look organically and naturally against the general background, not dissoning with the interior.


For small or poorly lit rooms, a white showcase will do. It is also bought for the living room, which already has white furniture.

In the design of the facade are used different materials, from budget to luxury type of wenge wood.

A popular option for the buffet - lacquered chipboard, shiny and protected from external influence. More expensive frame made of MDF. The material is treated with a film, which makes it durable, but environmentally friendly. It can be painted in any color, up to imitation of metal. This makes it possible to use in styles such as hi-tech or techno. A very expensive, but always exclusive solution - a carved facade from an array.




It is determined by the type and number of items stored in the display. Shelves are most often made of classic, particularly durable glass. However, technology has expanded the choice, and today such a variety of them as a glass showcase for the living room is not the only one. It is easily duplicated by other transparent durable materials, such as plastic or acrylic. However, these are options for lightweight exhibits.

Massive items are placed in cabinets with traditional sturdy wooden shelves.



Crystal or porcelain will play in a new way, if you equip display cabinets for dishes in the living room lighting.

Similar functions of the mirror on the back wall. It makes the showcase solemn, visually increasing the volume of the cabinet and its contents. If the showcase is angular, mirrors located in it at an angle to each other will create a game of reflections.

The decor is chosen in accordance with the style of the room, from vintage to hi-tech.

The main advantage of glass windows is that they are combined with the furniture of many modern styles (loft, hi-tech, techno).

For living rooms in a classic style, wooden display windows are harmonious. Such models, especially from wenge, are luxurious, stately, signaling good taste, some conservatism and respectability of the owners. The classics are made from an array of expensive woods, richly decorated. Utensils, of course, need the appropriate.