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Flower pots: compact garden in the house (32 photos)


Flower pots are an integral element of ornamental plants. Today, the consumer market is represented by a wide range of pots. All of them are divided into two large groups: for indoor and outdoor use. Many people involved in crop production, the question arises how to choose a pot for flowers. If you have skillful hands or you are a creative person, you can make flower pots with your own hands. Before buying a tank, determine the following characteristics:

  • Floor or wall (hanging) view.
  • Material.
  • The size.
  • The form.
  • Color, design.




Popular materials for pots

Pots for indoor plants and outdoor use can be made from a variety of materials. Most of the options presented are made of plastic, ceramics, glass, wood and concrete. Each material has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Plastic flower pots or pots are often used for flowers on the windowsill. This material is lightweight, economical, perfectly retains its shape and warmth. Plastic can have a wide variety of configurations. For flowers, a plastic pot is a great solution. The plant in such capacity feels comfortable.



Clay flower pots are a bit more expensive than the first option. This option is more durable, durable, breathable, retains moisture and can be used for various plants. Clay items can be of various sizes.



Such material as ceramics is aesthetically attractive and natural. The only negative is fragility. The most common outdoor ceramic flower pots with a tray. They are able to successfully complement any interior.



Glass plants are perfect for epiphytic plants. It is necessary to select such a glass pot with a hole for automatic watering. This condition is mandatory. Glass pots are beautiful and feature a wide variety of choices.



You can also buy original flower pots from a material such as wood. Wooden pots are an excellent solution for home colors. The tree is very breathable and retains moisture. It is suitable for growing a wide variety of ornamental crops.



Products made of iron or concrete with a pallet are mainly used for design purposes. They are quite heavy and are often used as floor pots. It is advisable to choose the pot material on the basis of the purpose of the plant.

The shod pot will become worthy decoration of your interior. If for flowers the plastic pot seems boring, then pay attention to the forged models. Forged pots or pots look elegant and expensive. They are durable, do not fade in the sun and differ in a variety of forms.

In addition, all pots for plants are classified on the floor and wall. Wall, suspended models in most cases are used for climbers. Climbing plants in such a vessel feel most comfortable. These pots are made of a variety of materials and, as a rule, equipped with pots.



Flower Tank Forms

The shape of the plant pots is characterized by a wide variety of choices.

Glass pots or from any other material are preferably cylindrical. The fact is that this form is the most convenient for transplantation. If you want to compactly place a large number of flowers next to it, square or rectangular pots are perfect. The most inconvenient from the point of view of operation is a vessel in the shape of a ball.



Such models are usually suspended from glass. This form is aesthetically attractive and interesting, but it will be quite problematic to transplant a flower. It is imperative that the pot matches the shape of the plant. Pots can be tall, wide, flat, narrow, long, etc. Knowing the features of plant growth, you can find the best option.



For ease of placement, angular, tiered, hanging pots can often be found. For plants with a shallow root system, flower containers in the form of crosses, shoes, and letters C are often used.

Standard modern pallets are often equipped with an automatic irrigation system. This option with automatic watering is very convenient if the homeowner has to leave for a long time. Self-watering plant in this case will not die. Capacity with autowatering works due to the fact that the design is mounted a special mechanism. The system of automatic watering ensures the ingress of fluid to the root system through the pallet.

The growth of the plant is not completely affected by such a factor as color. The choice of a pot of a particular color is determined by the characteristics of the interior. Universal colors - white, milky, brown, transparent.

If the interior is strict and concise, it is advisable to give preference to a pot without pictures. For the interior in the style of Provence fit white vessels, purple, pink vessels, aged aged. Modern design solutions, modern, hi-tech allow the use of bright accents in interior design.



Recommendations for choosing tank size

Having defined the shape and color of a mounted or floor-standing pot, you need to take care of the selection of the optimally suitable size. Note that the pot should not be excessively large.

For houseplants, it is better to choose a container before transplanting, which will be about 1-2 centimeters larger than the previous one. If the reservoir is very large, then over time the soil will begin to oxidize, and the plant will die.

Street flower pots, as a rule, have large parameters and volumes. They are mainly intended for growing trees. Such garden flower pots are mainly made of strong and durable materials: stone, clay. A large pot is an excellent storage area for a powerful root system; it will make the trunk more stable.



The height of the pot should be selected based on the growth of the plant itself. Pots for climbing flowers often involve the use of wall containers of low shape and small size.

If you have free time in your arsenal, you can make unusual flower pots yourself. Having shown creativity and ingenuity, you can make ordinary pots exclusive. Consider the basic ways of what and how to make a pot for flowers:

  • Making plants for flowers from plastic bottles. It can be suspended or floor products. This is a great option for balcony flowers. Take an ordinary plastic bottle, cut the neck to the desired level. Plastic can be decorated with fabric, paints, etc.
  • Balcony flowerpot of metal cans. This is a budget way. Banks need to be washed, getting rid of stickers. We paint the container with acrylic paint of the desired color. At the bottom of the banks do holes with nails and a hammer. The pot will be very elegant and will look great on the balcony.
  • Pot made of plaster. The manufacturing techniques of the gypsum container are similar to a cement or concrete procedure. To work, you will need to arm yourself with plaster, plastic containers of various sizes and water. We take a large tank and lubricate it with oil. Then in this capacity we put a vessel of smaller parameters. Expose the new level and pour out the plaster. Now you need to wait until the plaster tank hardens. Gypsum pots look very elegant. In a similar way, concrete containers can be made.
  • Stylish pot of tree branches. Such a tank is suitable for cottages, balconies or chalet-style interiors. You need to take any container of the desired size and around it to trim the branches. Fix branches can be glue. The pots made in such a way look effectively. You can make an interesting trim from any available material.

When buying a vessel, it is recommended to pay attention to the hole in the pan. Without this nuance, your plant may die. After buying a new pot, experts recommend treating it with a weak solution of potassium permanganate for disinfection. Pallets must be cleaned regularly, from time to time draining water.