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How to choose a toilet: basic parameters


Scientists have derived statistics, according to which, about 5 years of his life, a person spends on being in a toilet room, and the natural need of people in the modern world is comfort and convenience. How to choose a good toilet in such a variety of range of sanitary products? Most often, the buyer pays attention to the design of the device, however this is an important but far from the only selection criterion. When buying a sanitary faience for an apartment, you should pay attention to other nuances: the manufacturer, the shape and size of toilet bowls, specific features and much more.

When a person faces the question of how to choose the toilet for home, he goes to the plumbing shop and, relying on the advice of a consultant, chooses the best option. However, many sellers are trying to sell goods referring to selfish goals, so it is important to independently understand this issue.

Toilet bowls, like any other plumbing, differs in design type, type of attachment, material production, shape and size. In small apartments, a toilet with an installation compact is popular, and large-scale models with large tanks are suitable for country houses.

Toilets are divided into floor and hanging, each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages. Devices for the floor are considered the classic version and are purchased most often. They have several advantages:

  • the structure does not have to be placed against the wall; water and sewage drainage can be carried out using pipes and corrugations;
  • easy to repair and maintain, since all parts are outside;
  • The cost of such toilets below.

The disadvantages include the size and type of fixation. To install such a toilet bowl using screws and cement mortar, you will need more free space.

For those who want to save space in the toilet and make the room more modern, nothing is left but to choose a wall-hung toilet. For this device, you need a special device - installation. This is a metal frame that sinks into a niche in the wall and is covered with wall decor. The drain and water intake system remains hidden; there is only a hanging toilet and a flush button on the outside.

For many people, the crucial issue is how to choose a toilet bowl, because this is a very important element of plumbing. The choice here is not great, but the wrong product can bring a lot of inconvenience.

Coming to the store for plumbing, a person will easily get lost in the assortment and will ask himself what toilet to choose, so that he would ideally fit into the bathroom? To determine the size of the toilet, you need to measure the area of ​​the room where the installation of equipment is expected, and to choose the form - to rely on your taste.

The shape of the bowl toilets are:

  • Funnels are the most hygienic and comfortable toilet bowls, the drain hole of which is located in the center. It washes well, but there is also a minus device — sprays that nothing blocks.
  • Visor - the back wall has a bulge and a slope that allows feces and other waste to flow smoothly but quickly into the drain hole. The absence of stagnant water in such a bowl avoids rust.
  • Plate - rear wall has a so-called shelf, where feces fall. For their complete removal, you have to use not only the flush, but also the brush. The water here stagnates, forming a patina, choose it only to avoid splashes.

The dimensions of the toilet should correspond to the size of the bathroom. Floor toilet is better to get a standard size of 35 cm in width, 70 in height and 60 in depth. The following dimensions are characteristic of a suspended toilet bowl: width and height is 35.5 cm, and depth is 50 cm. For very small premises, consultants will select compact toilet bowls with a width of up to 35 cm.

Such a problem, how to choose a toilet without splashing, many housewives are concerned. Splashes plague when using the toilet and in the process of flushing. To solve this problem, plumbing designers have developed a unique anti-splash technique.

Of great importance when choosing plumbing is the release of the toilet. This is the connecting part of the toilet bowl with a piping hole, or more simply, a wide pipe through which the contents of the bowl are sent to the sewer. Properly selected exhaust systems will help avoid installation problems. The release of the toilet is:

  • vertical: discharge to the floor, suitable for very low sewer openings that are a few centimeters away from the wall;
  • horizontal: installed where the sewer hole is elevated relative to the floor or in the wall;
  • oblique: it is located at an angle of 45 degrees and is connected to the sewage system located at the level of the floor and also adjacent to the wall.

No matter what type of outlet, it does not have its own advantages and disadvantages, and their different form is needed only for the toilet to be selected in accordance with the sewer.

Questions on how to choose a toilet seat and how to choose a toilet lid are no less important aspects than the shape, release and tank of the product. The comfort and aesthetic side of the issue depends on them.

The toilet, which company to choose, is quite difficult to say, because today there are a great many different brands on the plumbing market.