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Everything has its place: how to organize clothes storage


In order that seasonal change of clothes does not cause headaches, it is enough to equip and conveniently arrange storage places. Proper storage of clothes is a thoughtful arrangement of the shelves in the closet, suitable packaging. Compact storage methods will help to create space and comfort in the apartment.

The variety of options for arranging storage space for clothes allows you to choose the model of furniture for any apartment. The main attention is paid to the conditions of storage and equipment of the situation.



Cabinet types: short description

All apartment owners strive for coziness and comfort in their home. Therefore, it is desirable to clean away little used things away - in the cabinets. This furniture is distinguished by the optimal combination of size, functionality:

  • built-in wardrobe / closet provides the most compact storage of clothes. These items are most often made to order, so when choosing a "filling" the wishes of the owners are taken into account. As a rule, an off-season wardrobe is stored on the upper shelves. In the middle part there are bars for hangers with everyday and working clothes, shelves with organizers for IKEA storage. Such cabinets can not be rearranged or moved and this must be borne in mind when choosing their location;
  • A fresh idea for storing clothes is the IKEA wardrobe, consisting of a metal frame and a linen cover. The internal filling of the product can be very diverse: containers for clothes / shoes, a bar for placing outerwear. Things in vacuum bags can be laid on top. Doors of a cloth are easily closed on a lightning and provide things excellent safety. Fabric covering creates natural ventilation. Cloth wardrobe is a great idea for temporary housing or arranging storage on the balcony;
  • A metal cabinet for storing clothes is installed mainly in non-residential premises (sports locker rooms, utility rooms). Ventilation of working clothes is carried out due to holes in the doors / walls of furniture.

If you have any difficulties when choosing a cabinet, it is better to turn to specialists who will take into account the peculiarities of the apartment, the wishes of the tenants.

Happy new home owners can schedule a separate room for their dressing room. But small apartments are not a sentence, because you can separate part of the room with the help of compartment doors. The equipment of the dressing room is chosen individually, but it is desirable to observe some storage rules:

  • Rarely used or off-season items are placed on top shelves in storage bags;
  • The most demanded items of seasonal storage are placed on shelves / hangers at eye level. Great ideas for placing small things - wicker baskets, storage boxes;
  • shoe boxes put the bottom. In order not to look for shoes in a panic for a festive event, the spacious premises can be arranged in separate racks for shoes and bags.

Wardrobe equip stationary furniture, made most often from wood. Or a great option - a modular system designer. IKEA multifunctional systems include both individual racks for home wear and systems. The main idea of ​​the design is the ability to change the location of sections, add / remove modules for storage.

This is the easiest way to organize enough space for storing items, things. Interesting ideas shelving can be considered open storage systems from IKEA. The furniture is completed with boxes, shelves, rods for hangers.



Shelves are great for the decor of the child's room. Convenient storage of children's clothing, books, toys - all items are in sight, easily accessible. Elegant cardboard boxes for small items can be made by hand.

The most common storage accessories are still boxes, hangers, bags. Notable innovations: new materials are used for the production of packaging, interesting ways of storage appear (vacuum).



Covers are put on a hanger with clothes and are cloth, polyethylene. For custom clothes, you can sew a case with your own hands. Due to the air permeability, high wear resistance, it is better to entrust the storage of winter clothes to fabric packaging. A storage bag made of polyethylene allows you to see the packed clothes, but it is suitable only for short-term storage, as it does not allow air to pass through. The storage wardrobe is used to pack "complicated" things: decorated dresses, clothes made of fine expensive fabrics.



Vacuum bags for storage thanks to a special technology to minimize the size of the stack of things. However, it is worth using this method with caution, since the "airless" space can destroy the fibers of thin woolen fabrics. The best option for vacuum storage is denim or cotton clothes.