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Tuscan style in the interior: the magic of Mediterranean color (24 photos)


Tuscan style in the interior should be used by anyone who especially appreciates home comfort and warmth, prone to dreams and romantic dreams. The interior concept combines the best ideas of eco-direction, the unique flavor of the Mediterranean and the incomparable charm of the Italian province.



The history of colorful direction

Tuscany is a region of Italy, but the Tuscan style absorbed the best traditions from the Spanish and French directions, absorbed a special flavor and mood of the Mediterranean. It is not surprising that the merging of cultures forced to concentrate on one base a lot of different parts.

The main feature of the style is complete harmony with nature.

Tuscany is a fertile land where luxurious cypress groves delight the eye, while olive orchards and vineyards coexist with fruit plantations. The air is filled with the fragrance of flowers, fruits, fresh greens. Rosemary fields, jasmine bushes, magical thickets of bougainvillea give the area a particularly romantic and even mystical entourage.

The color palette of the style embodies the warmth of Tuscany. All shades are exclusively natural, soft, muffled, calling for relaxation and rest:

  • Base paints - land;
  • Supplement to the base - all brown-orange and terracotta tones;
  • Cream halftone;
  • The effect of shabby plaster;
  • A wide selection of green hue (olive, muted emerald green, cypress, leaf color);
  • Interesting variations of yellow shades (ocher, lemon, sunflower color, golden paint);
  • As an important accent - blue rich tone.

A special color, endowed with powerful symbolism - Bordeaux. Deep tone personifies the aromatic wine produced in Tuscany. This color allows you to effortlessly ennoble any room. The kitchen in the Tuscan style can be complemented with burgundy curtains, rich textiles in the same color are placed in the bedroom, and “wine” wall decoration is suitable for the living room.



About decoration

Especially organically and stylishly looks a country house, the private sector in the city or a country house in the suburbs. However, an apartment in a multi-million city can also be turned into a corner of natural beauty and natural harmony.

The walls are traditionally lined with plaster. Better if the surface is artificially aged. Experts advise to pay attention to glaze as a worthy alternative to classic finishing materials. Decorate the walls, emphasizing antiquity, with the help of gold leaf and ornate stucco.



For ceilings use special decorative beams. They are particularly interesting to look at the contrast with a smooth coating of the walls and the ceiling itself.

The perfect flooring that embodies the traditional Tuscan style is a tile of marble or granite. Tuscans, who could not afford such an expensive finishing material, used budget wood options.




Cozy is exactly the house where harmoniously selected furniture and accessories, organically complementing the basic decoration of the walls. The bedroom and living room are locations where you can use the most expensive furniture attributes.

Best of all, if the furniture is made of wood of traditional Tuscan species: chestnut, maple, acacia, cypress. Do not abuse the decoration of wood. No more than two decorations - the main rule.

Living rooms are filled with mirrors in rich frames, ornate sconces, and elegant candlesticks. Forged elements, appropriately complementing all interior composition, will make the house more comfortable and respectable.



To make the situation in the bedroom extremely comfortable, the walls are decorated with tapestries and paintings depicting landscapes, still lifes, and historical scenes. The walls in any room are decorated with all sorts of patterns. It is preferable to use traditional Tuscan motifs - grape leaves, fruit elements, scrolls with ancient inscriptions.




Kitchen as a special location in the house

No house can be without a kitchen, it is the "soul" of any monastery. So say the people of Tuscany. It is in this room that a huge number of specific accessories are concentrated. The main attributes of the kitchen in the Tuscan style, which should pay close attention:

  • Decorative pans with a voluminous handle;
  • Installations of dried hanging green tufts;
  • Spicy herbs in pots or pots. The house can be decorated outside with similar elements;
  • Shelves with olive oil;
  • Bundles with onions and garlic;
  • Vases or fruit baskets;
  • Painted walls on gastronomic themes.

Choosing textiles, it is also important to remember about the environmental friendliness of this style. The use of natural fabrics such as cotton, bleached linen or even fine wool is welcomed.




If a Tuscan style is made out of a country house or country house, you can add Spanish gloss to the facade of the building. The highlight of the exteriors in this stylistic direction is the tile roof.



Romanticism and sophistication of the Old World with the aura of fragrant orchards and gorgeous flowers of distant Spain will not leave anyone indifferent. Favorite apartments will turn into a place of light, joy and warmth.