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Decoupage frame: creative ideas for beginners (20 photos)


Decoupage is an original way to decorate your own products using paper images. Using simple technique, it is easy to turn an ordinary photo frame into a work of art.

Components for work: we study the basic materials

To decorate the frame using the decoupage technique, different types of paper material are used:

  • ordinary napkins with a beautiful pattern;
  • special decoupage napkins;
  • rice paper with an image;
  • fragments of newspapers, glossy magazines.

Choosing an object for decoupage, do not be afraid to experiment, take a structure made of wood, polymers, glass, with a ceramic coating or fabric upholstery. It is also possible to decorate metal frames for photographs, models of stone, papier-mâché or leather.



To decorate your photo frame in decoupage style, you will also need the following components, depending on the material of the object to be decorated and the technology of application:

  • paint and varnish compositions;
  • primer, putty, glue;
  • tassels, scissors, rubber roller;
  • fine sandpaper.

For comfortable work, it is worth finding sponges or absorbent wipes.

The traditional method of decoration with their own hands over time has acquired new versions of the performance, today there are several technologies.

Direct decoupage - a classic technique - is the gluing of paper fragments on the surface with the subsequent application of a fixing lacquer layer.



Reverse decoupage is used for registration of transparent bases. The decor is applied on the back surface, for example, a glass frame for a photo or dishes.

Smoky is performed by the method of drawing a paper image with acrylic paints. Artistic drawing will provide a truly exclusive and expensive view of the decorated product. Together with acrylic paints, a coating retarder is applied, which allows you to:

  • make a soft feathering;
  • carefully work out the background;
  • provide smooth transitions, spectacular undertones and shadows.

Feather - colored haze - involves the creation around the motive of a transparent haze of a similar color with the surrounding background. With the help of drawing and drawing a background coating, the aesthetic effect is enhanced and possible defects are hidden. Shadows give the picture a visual scope and artistic integrity.




Decoupage photo frames made of wood do it yourself

Begin by choosing a decoration item; Professionals easily design structures with any geometry, including round frames. The debutant in this field is recommended to work with simple configurations in the form of rectangular photo frames.



Preparing the base for decoupage includes thoroughly cleaning the dry surface. It is necessary to sand and prime the wooden frame, then apply the acrylic base. When the finish is dry, if necessary, it can be covered with another layer of paint. Then you have to wait until the acrylic coating is completely dry.



The culmination of the work is the creation of interesting paper motifs on a wooden surface:

  • cut out the fragments of the prepared material, while you can use scissors or simply tear the napkin, separating the segments with a pattern;
  • an adhesive composition is applied to the frame for decoupage, paper motifs are laid out on it and the top is carefully brushed with glue. To eliminate air bubbles under the application, use a rubber roller or sponge. Next, the product is left to dry.

In the final part of the work, the surface is coated with a glossy acrylic lacquer to provide a presentable appearance and protection from mechanical effects.



Glass Photo Frame Decor

If a wooden frame for a picture or photo is decorated with the help of direct decoupage technique, then the glass model can be effectively decorated with your own hands using the reverse technology:

  • decoupage of the frame of glass is performed on the back plane of the decoration object;
  • transparent panel degrease, glue the napkin patterned on my own;
  • artistic effects are created - painting with outlines, background color, etc .;
  • the surface is primed and coated with a protective layer of varnish.

For greater expressiveness of images on the front side of the transparent frame, it is easy to draw the outlines of paper motifs.



Using the decoupage technique, it is easy to make a luxurious photo frame with your own hands, use an accessory to decorate your own interior, or present a gift to a friend or colleague for a holiday. Fortunately, it is easy to select modern materials and accessories in salons for creative products at attractive prices for various decoupage techniques.