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Personal hamam at home: oriental subtleties (20 photos)


The Turkish bath, better known under the exotic name Hammam, from a purely eastern attribute is becoming more and more familiar to domestic spaces. In the country, in an apartment or a country house, if desired, and financial opportunities, you can build your own Turkish bath.



What is unique oriental bath?

A year-round warm Turkey does not require a very hot bath, so the hammam is almost twice as cool as in traditional Russian or Finnish steam rooms (average temperature not more than 60 ° C). However, humidity reaches one hundred percent, and the body warms up well on the hot stone shelves.



The cooling process in the hammam is also not the same as in others. Visitors directly in the steam room poured cold water. Public or commercial establishments trust in the watering process to specially trained people.

In a traditional Turkish bath, the air and surfaces (floor, walls, lounger) are heated by hot steam. Its source is a vat of boiling water, it has been moved to a technical room. The rising steam is injected into a dry, completely insulated from the moisture of the steam room through the channels through the holes. Today, the role of the boiler is performed by a steam generator and a heating system.

The Turkish bath is finished only with stone: granite, marble, sometimes with inlays of semiprecious onyx, and never with wood. A real exotic hamam - kurnas, special stone bowls with hot and cold water for ablution.

A complex technical and engineering complex, such as a hammam, requires a detailed project: with a plan of premises, steam supply systems, heating, electricity, and plumbing in the house. It is optimal to invest in an individual project that will take into account the features of a particular building. These are considerable sums, but the elimination of mistakes made during construction will be even more expensive. Especially if you make a bath in an existing residential building.

If you decide to do hammam at home, provide the necessary space. To accommodate the equipment is enough space two by two meters. The shower room and the rest room do not require special performance, you can get by with the ones in the house. The mini-hamam will successfully simulate a steam cabin with a curved ceiling, which will be replaced by a regular sink, especially a marble one. Sunbed can be made of wood. Or make a brick table and decorate it with ceramic tiles, mosaics, and stone. You can cool in the shower with good pressure.

Regardless of the size and source data, the device of a modern Turkish bath meets several canonized requirements.

  • A hamam is four rooms: a steam room, a shower room, a technical unit (all the equipment is in it), and a rest room.
  • The technical sector is located closer to the steam room, not further than 15 meters. At a greater distance, the steam will cool down along the way, and condensate will accumulate on the pipes in summer.
  • The ceiling, walls, floor of the bath in the house, including wooden, are veneered with decorative stone, ceramic tiles, mosaics. A separate building can be made of brick, stone or cinder block and have a similar lining.
  • The ceiling of the hamam with a height of at least two and a half meters (preferably taller, up to three) is always in the form of a dome. The Turks legalized such a form not only because of its beauty: the temperature in the steam room is 30 ° C, and the steam entering it has 55 ° C, which causes condensation on the ceiling. The dome-shaped form does not allow it to drip onto the floor or heads; it smoothly flows along the walls.
  • In the hammam should always be at least + 30 ° C.
  • Mandatory ventilation and sewage bath.

Compliance with these conditions will allow you to build a hammam, to enjoy the atmosphere to the maximum and to reproduce the real Turkish flavor.

Equipment "stuffing" prepared premises in a private house includes several operations.

Thermal insulation

It is necessary to keep the heat inside the home hamam, so as not to warm adjacent rooms when it is not required (for example, in summer). Any modern technology is suitable.


Almost one hundred percent moisture requires high-quality surface treatment with special compounds. Also used membrane, which is mounted on the surface and does not prevent the penetration of oxygen.

Heating system

May be water or electric. Water heating in the house is more economical. It can be provided from hot water supply or an electric boiler located in a technical room. If the boiler is double-circuit, you need to conduct an individual circuit in order not to heat other rooms in the summer.

When choosing electric heating, which is much more expensive, pipes or mats are laid on the walls and under the lounger, and not just on the floor.



electrical safety

Wiring, sockets, switches should be of moisture and heat-resistant material, and illuminated hamam home lamps or strips on LEDs.

Steam generator

"Heart" of the bath. Creates a required steam for the hamam, controls its quantity, circulation, temperature, humidity. Basic options are complemented by more expensive models with systems of preliminary purification of water, automatic draining, and tanks for aroma oils. It is installed in the technical room, and the steam enters the steam room-Harar through special pipes. It is selected in accordance with the dimensions of the room. It can be supplied with a control panel.


Sometimes continuous or forced. Pipes out on the site of the former window. The air outlet tube must be stainless steel, airtight, with a pipe for draining condensate. The most popular air handling unit. In the room, planned for Hammam, design two located one opposite the other ventilation holes. With a multi-level system, they are made at different heights.



Exotic hamam

Stone lounger

The main attribute of the steam room is harara. As a rule, the pedestal is placed in the center, its dimensions are 80-90x120x210 cm. The hot stone lounger is a multifunctional place:

  • for the reception of a delightful foam procedure, which is possible only in the hammam;
  • full warming up of each joint or muscle;
  • Massage table for heated body.

The interior is complemented by stone, small in width benches installed along the walls.