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Wallpaper Marburg: German quality in each roll (29 photos)


Design wallpapers by Marburg are products of a German brand of premium class, created using the latest technologies and recognized not only in Russia and Germany, but also in many other countries of the world. The brand deliberately refused to transfer part of its production to Asian countries, which many other manufacturers have done. This allowed German manufacturers to control the release of products such as Marburg wallpaper at all stages of production. As a result, the concern receives wallpaper for walls Marburg impeccable environmental friendliness and high quality.



Non-woven wallpapers, vinyl, paper and other types are printed exclusively on factories in Germany. In addition, Marburg publishes its products and many other brands on the same equipment.

Marburg paper wallpaper in the interior are in great demand, since this option is most familiar to many buyers who want to transform their home.

Marburg wallpapers are made in a two-layer version. So the first layer is the base, and the embossed pattern is applied on the second layer. Models with a relief pattern, have a three-dimensionality and excellent performance.




Flizelinovy ​​option

Flizelinovy ​​wall-paper of this producer has an undoubted advantage over other wall-paper, after all not plain paper, but flizelin which allows to hide roughnesses and other surface defects acts as a basis. And it can be not only a finished version with a pattern on non-woven fabric, but also wallpaper for painting Marburg, which can later be repainted. Many buyers, who have appreciated this innovation, choose the non-woven wallpaper.




Vinyl-type wallpaper

Vinyl wallpapers will be especially suitable where they are resistant to various aggressive factors: dust, high humidity, etc. Such Marburg vinyl-type wallpapers can be of different colors and textures: as with embossed or printed patterns, as well as completely smooth. In order to glue vinyl wallpaper does not require special skills and abilities, glue them easily and simply. In this case, the dismantling of such products is also incredibly simple and fast.




That is why to buy vinyl wall-paper - it means to make repair the most pleasant, and further operation more simple.

If you are interested in the wallpaper of this brand, then you should consider in more detail the collections that are released by the Marburg brand.



By the way, the deafening success of several collections of this brand led the Germans to begin to cooperate with several designers with a world name. This is Thomas Zeitlberger, Karim Rashid, and, of course, Luigi Colani. And the last designer owns several collections of this manufacturer.



Luigi Colani Collections

German designer Luigi Colani, together with the Marburg brand, released several collections of wallpapers at once, which created a sensation not only in Germany, but also in many other countries. Wallpaper Marburg Colani won not only their hearts with their magnificence and diversity. Especially popular was the Evolution collection, distinguished by its simultaneously technological interpretation and closeness to nature.

Evolution in the interior is first of all an unusual color, metallic textures, as well as three-dimensional prints.



By the way, the progenitors of such a collection were labyrinths flowing into each other, the shells cut, waves in the desert - all that is similar to curved lines. Here you can find many textures, ranging from uneven plaster and ending with a scratched sheet of iron. Naturally, the effect would not be complete if the color scheme was not thought out in detail.



By purchasing products from this collection, you will achieve the following results:

  • You will be able to create the most attractive environment for recreation or, conversely, work.
  • You will be able to place accents in certain parts of the room.
  • Additionally visually enlarge the room.

The entire collection is made on the basis of vinyl, so that the material is perfectly washed and is not amenable to the action of sunlight.